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Erickson COVID Coaching: Global Movement Of Coaches

written byMarilyn Atkinsonon 14/04/2020

Dear Erickson Coaches,

How many of you have stepped out to overview the COVID crisis from your own unique perspective as an Erickson Coach?

We are in an extraordinary time, are we not? First of all, simply as human beings, we are all sharing the planetary awareness of our physical fragility – as individuals, as communities, and as economies. In such a time, we need ways to practice our best methodologies for building inner strength. I suggest that, as coaches, contributing hope, strength, and wide-frame overview is one of the best ways to grow and maintain this resourcefulness for ourselves. How many of you are noticing the deep value that you are capable of providing to clients, especially at this current time, when people are most stressed?

As coaches, you provide a calm center. You can give overworked, stressed out frontline workers a few minutes of backdrop overview. You can assist to provide a moment of realization that, ‘this too shall pass.’ Your warm coaching practices and your mindful resourcefulness allows people an island in the pandemic. You, as a coach, even just by being a strong listener, assist people to regain their inner center and go back to work once more.

Some regions of the world are being devastated by the COVID-19 crisis, and there are many deaths. Other regions are only just facing this emergency. However, in all regions, frontline workers and health care workers are being inundated with COVID situations that are hard for them to handle in such profusion. This easily creates overwhelm. Stress can lead to strong negative emotions, dissociation, and trauma. If coaching is available when the situation starts to be stressful, people come back to their own core of resourcefulness and center in their own deep inner sources of strength.

We invite you to step into your power as a coach and make a complimentary coaching contribution. People need support during the crisis, and you have the resources to provide this. Step into an overview position with some of your most powerful coaching capacities: coach position, multi-step overview visualization, point of view shift, value-based self-image practice, the Erickson principles, tonal shifts, and through-time perspective shifts.

We invite you to pick one of the two action plans:

Action Plan 1

If you are an Erickson ECPC, ACC, PCC coach and have a direct path to offer complimentary coaching services to frontline workers and healthcare workers in your community, we invite you to do so directly. You will receive a feedback report form, and we invite you to fill in the details of how it has been working to assist us in fulfilling our goal.

Action Plan 2

At Erickson, we will publicly announce Erickson COVID Coaching as a global movement of coaches providing free coaching support to front line health workers and essential staff who are facing stress and anxiety. We will offer a network of potentially 1000 to 5000 certified coaches and aim to offer 5000 free sessions and lots of compelling success stories. With our partners, we will advertise our services and invite you all to provide them.

If you wish to participate, click the button below to join the Facebook group and specify if you would like to join Plan 1 or Plan 2.

Join Erickson COVID Coaches

What Erickson Coaches are doing in Wuhan, China?

In difficult circumstances like these, we want to make sure to support those who need it most. In alignment with Erickson’s vision of changing the world, one conversation at a time. We will challenge Erickson's community to step into contribution and promise service in the face of all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

A global movement of Erickson coaches are currently providing support to front line health workers and essential staff who are facing stress and anxiety in Wuhan, China. This means we invite our coaches to take the challenge and to reach out to frontline workers and organizations and offer opportunities for online coaching to the workers on the front lines. Step into your power as a coach and make a contribution. People need support during the crisis and you have the resources to provide this. Step into an overview position with some of the most powerful coaching tools on the planet.

Erickson facilitator Rebecca Yang from central China shared this message about the many coaches assisting those on the frontlines in Wuhan, Hubei province: 

"A lot of Erickson China coaches have participated in the volunteer work to support the frontline in Wuhan. Some of them try to purchase medical supplies, a lot of coaches participate with free coaching sessions for people in isolation in Wuhan and Hubei, some coaches work for free to support companies to unite and endure the financial and business breakdown. And Song Ping has been working hard for many days from home in Wuhan to coordinate supplies to needed hospitals. Jacque Jiang, an Erickson Coach in Wuhan, drives the doctors and nurses back and forth from the hospital for over a month now with huge risk. And they both helped to send supplies to the doctors who are in Wuhan to support my hometown Anyang, including my good friend and friend’s sister. They are still there. I think this is a great opportunity for human beings to wake up and realize we are one. Coaches are powerful and loving people."

In summary, for our 40th Anniversary, Erickson is taking up the COVID challenge. Our vision for this 2020 crisis year, and our 40th Anniversary, is to offer from 1000 to 5000 coaching conversations for all of our 65 countries to support frontline workers, as well as police, EMT’s, and health care workers (doctors, nurses, and health care administrators).

We invite our local communities across the globe to play our 40th Anniversary World Game with us as we aim to provide these 1000 to 5000 coaching conversations to support frontline workers and health care workers everywhere.

We are just starting to coordinate this process. Some Erickson communities have already begun, like China (450 coaching sessions so far), Italy, Portugal, and Canada. Once you sign, you are committing yourself to do at least one free session. We will let you know more quickly. In the meantime, if you fit our criteria as a PCC coach, take up the challenge to reach out directly to frontline workers on your own if possible. When you sign up for either plan (or both), you will be receiving further information in the next week.

The time is now, and we are the coaches! Join us as Erickson COVID Coaches today! Making a difference – one conversation at a time.

Thank you, 

Marilyn Atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson
President & Founder
Erickson Coaching International

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