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The Art & Science of Couples Coaching

The Art & Science of Couples Coaching

Achieving agreement on outcomes and goals.

The Art & Science of Couples Coaching course provides a model to coach couples to assist them to achieve the joy, intimacy, and fulfillment they desire. This course upgrades the Solution-Focused coaching skills learned in The Art & Science of Coaching program. Couples then continue to use this framework on their own to develop positive listening, powerful questioning and goal achievement.

The Art & Science of Couples Coaching course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 20 hours of Continuing Coaching Education Units (12 ICF Core Competencies).

Like all coaching, this course is about utilizing effective question with clients, but with the specific focus on improving family dynamics.

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Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Conduct a couples interview to determine the topics of which coaching is required and what coaching processes would be most effective
  • Assist couples to move past problem thinking and develop solution-focused communication approaches
  • Create experiences for couples to deepen their bond and develop authentic appreciation for one another
  • Design coaching sessions to develop a momentum of positive changes
  • Create powerful redefinitions of the couple’s behaviours to assist them to communicate and interact more effectively
  • Develop charters, the mutually agreed-upon guidelines for positive interaction
  • Conduct processes to assist members of a couple to shift from co-dependence to interdependence
  • Inspire couples to find and develop positive metaphors for deepening commitment and overcoming reactive behavioural patterns
  • Conduct coaching sessions to assist couples in developing and implementing a combined vision of future harmonious relating
  • Assist couples to develop rituals for promoting stability and positive futures

Course pre-requisites:
1.  Modules I-IV of The Art & Science of Coaching, or                
2.  Module I with previous couples coaching experience, or                          
3.  Proof of certification from another coaching school.