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Our People


Cory Martin

Personal Executive Assistant

PCC_WEBCory Martin is the Personal Executive Assistant to Erickson’s President and Founder, Marilyn Atkinson.

Cory’s passion for self-development and curiosity for life has seen him experience the world of dietetics, acting, and now coaching. He is a 2014 graduate of Erickson’s The Art & Science of Coaching and has since become a PCC ICF-Certified Coach.

His journey now brings him to creating alongside the intelligent and inspiring mind of Marilyn Atkinson. Cory’s main responsibility is updating all course materials and books. He also loves communicating with people all around the world, connecting Marilyn with our global team to ensure all events and trainings concerning Marilyn are moving forward with efficiency and fun.

Off-duty, Cory loves to travel, connect with friends and family, be in the great outdoors, and watch movies (Forrest Gump is his favorite).