Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) involves the systemic study of human communication and how humans create their reality. It is also the study of exceptional talent: how outstanding individuals get their results. NLP is a collection of skills derived from studies of individuals generally acknowledged to be “super successes”. These successful people have naturally created patterns of excellence in their lives and repeated them with consistent, positive results.

Integral NLP technologies provide a new and powerful integration of some of the best educational research impacting the world today. Merged and expanded, these methods have become the springboard for advanced, well-evolved systems for training people 
in creative consciousness. This training program is brimming with practical information you can act on immediately. It is a nuts and bolts course that successfully combines course content with experiential interactive practice. The result for participants is increasing knowledge and gaining tools for communication excellence!

Neuro Your mind and how you think, everything you do stems from your neurological processes of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and feeling. You experience the world through your five senses; you make “sense” of the information and then act on it. By understanding neurology you can achieve excellence in action.

Linguistic How you use your language and how it affects you. We use language to order our thoughts and behaviors to communicate with others. Excellent communication is the basis of creating excellent results.

Programming How you sequence your actions to achieve your goals. You can choose to organize your ideas and actions to produce the results you want.

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NLP Training Programs

NLP Practitioner Training

Learn how to live up to your own potential and discover states of excellence as you gain rich and valuable insights into the limitless possibilities available in the communication processes of NLP.

Qualifies as a Continuing Education course (84 CCEU).

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NLP Master Practitioner Training

True Master Practitioners are masters of language and behavior. This invaluable program will assist you, the Coach, Counselor, Manager, Consultant or Creator of your own Life to create changes, to influence, inspire and communicate with great effectiveness and a deep sense of integrity for the principles trained in all of Erickson’s programs.

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