Deep Coaching (Formally Advance of the Spirit)

advance of the spirit continuing coaching education

You have unlimited potential for mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution.

In this program you will begin to hear the orchestra of your values and your inner purpose as a clear call to awakening. This is a program for you to take inner self-discovery to a whole new level. The program leads to profound new awareness of your purpose and aims. And it comes entirely from your own wellspring of inner learning.

There are levels of awareness that we can bring to our inner questions and answers and the program will allow you to discover many more levels of awareness that will now become available ever after. Many people have discovered the profound inquiry they can make in four separate but simple integrity areas where they discover their own best means for connecting with inner guidance.

Program Outline:

  1. Introduction to Deep Coaching
  2. Spiritual Coaching versus other forms of coaching
  3. Aligning ourselves (and others) to our inner journey
  4. Moving past personal intimacy issues into deeper connection with our truth
  5. Resolving personal conflicts with others
  6. Developing second tier thinking through coaching alignment
  7. Exploring the inner journey as a healing passageway
  8. Applying healing metaphors (to the inner journey)
  9. Exploring “WE” thinking as a key area where we, humanity, need to develop our sensibilities and distinctions

If you would like to be included in our placeholder list for Deep Coaching program, please call: 1-800-665-6949