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  • Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    Build A Thriving Coaching Business

    Everyone has their own reasons for starting a business. Whether it is to achieve a desired work/life balance or to create an independent working environment, your decision to create a successful coaching business needs effective business-building tools. “Passion Into Profit” program was designed with your business goals in mind.

    Program Details

    During this six-month program, you will learn and apply 24 proven business-building strategies that will help you increase your profits and build a successful coaching business. “Passion Into Profit” program is delivered via the following interactive formats:

    • 12 Online Live Webinars
    • 12 Mastermind Online Live Webinars
    • 6 Group Coaching Calls
    • On-demand Erickson Training Hub Resource Area

    In addition to your weekly training, mentoring, and mastermind calls, this program incorporates three additional levels of personal and professional support to help you achieve your business goals:

    • Be prepared to make an additional one hour per month available to meet with your mastermind team. The time and day will be decided within the first month of the start of your program.
    • You will be meeting with two “accountability buddies” once a month
    • There will be ongoing online communication through the Erickson HUB, where you can access additional resources, and maintain support from your “Passion Into Profit” team on a weekly basis


    Program Outcomes

    • Gain confidence and clarity on who you are as a coach
    • Clarify your desired target market and specifically, who your clients are
    • Learn how to utilize specific, measurable strategies to gain and keep new customers at a profit
    • Create authentic and appropriate marketing, to support you in growing your business
    • Clarify how to price your services appropriate to the skills and experience you bring to the table as a professional
    • Receive over $200 worth of bonus supporting eBooks and audio clips
    • Gain a clear understanding of your business model and how your client’s benefit from the work you do
    • Gain practical tools to build your business, and continue to expand to stronger levels as your evolve in this profession


    tania walter gardiner


    “Passion Into Profit” is facilitated by Tania Walter Gardiner, MA, BA, PCC, who is not only an established coach herself but also a successful entrepreneur. Tania coaches entrepreneurial business leaders to expedite values-based, progressive and sustainable results, and brings 20+ years combined experience of coaching, leadership, management and training.

    From Teresia LaRocque:

    “As the founder and creator of the “Passion into Profit” program I am very excited to invite Tania Walter Gardiner onto the team as a senior co-facilitator of this business-building program.

    Tania has been a mentee of mine since she became a graduate of the “Passion into Profit” program in 2011 and I have been in awe of her ability to take what she learns, integrate it and create extraordinary results in her life.  She is a role model in living and implementing the “Passion into Profit” principles and building a successful one-on-one coaching business. In addition, Tania is a seasoned PCC coach with an in-depth knowledge of “The Art and Science of Coaching” training program, and is fully aligned with the “Passion into Profit” and Erickson principals. Joining Tania for this powerful business-building program is a great opportunity to be mentored and trained by a fellow coach who gets where you are and has courageously walked the path of turning her passion of coaching into a profitable business.

    I am looking forward to our PIP’ers taking full advantage of our team approach to grow their passion of making a difference into the world into a profitable and meaningful business.”

  • Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    Teresia LaRocque, MCC

    Teresia LaRocque, MCC, a pioneer in the profession of coaching, is the first recipient of the International Coach Federation’s Master Coach Credential in Canada and co-founder for the Vancouver International Coach Federation chapter. Teresia is the Director of the Erickson Business Center and founder of the “Passion Into Profit” Program, which offers proven business-building tools for building a thriving coaching business.

    Teresia has been helping coaches for almost two decades embrace their entrepreneurial mindset, and build successful coaching businesses. She worked with Anthony Robbins and Associates from 1994 to 1995 as a coach and trainer, which became the catalyst for her to launch her own thriving coaching business in January of 1996, Teresia LaRocque Coaching and Associates. In 1997 it was recognized as one of the top practice builders in North America by renowned success coach Robert B. Alderman, founder of The Full Practice Forum training program, and as one of the leading practitioners by Coach University. In 2005, she was named as one of the top three finalists of the Canadian Coach of the Year Award.

    Teresia has provided coaching to many diverse clients ranging from self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs to managers and executives.  Her work has been covered widely in the media including B.C. Business Magazine, The Vancouver Province and The Vancouver Sun, Global TV and City TV.  She has written articles for Mompreneur Magazine, and is a regular columnist for The Vancouver Province.

    Her 18 years of coaching and training experience as well as her successful entrepreneurial career, have given her the ability to understand all aspects of business. Teresia currently coaches top entrepreneurs in Canada and is well known for her ability to help them develop very successful businesses and rich, fulfilling personal lives. Committed to walking her talk, Teresia knows what it takes to have a successful business and a richly balanced life.

  • “Passion Into Profit” is a six-month interactive training program designed to give you the tools to build a successful and sustainable coaching business.

    • Erickson Alumni $2,650
    • New Students $2,849
  • Testimonials

    “It is one thing to learn how to be a great coach, it is equally important to be able to launch your business. Knowing how to build your business is a genuine skill that is very advisable for every aspiring coach to learn. Teresia LaRocque has proven herself to be one of the most successful coaches in Canada and has evolved a highly effective business building strategy for coaches. Erickson is happy to endorse Teresia and her Passion Into Profit course and is proud to be associated with her.”

    ~ Marilyn Atkinson, PhD, Founder and President of Erickson Coaching International


    “I have just finished the Passion into Profit six months program with Teresia and I wouldn’t be where I am today. Her step by step strategies worked fantastic for me, being new in this field of coaches. She is so energetic, positive and motivating, giving us, her students, great advice when we suffered challenges. I can only say to every newly starting coach, this program will bring you the results you would like as an entrepreneur. Seven stars to the Passion into Profit program and a huge thank you to you, Teresia.”

    ~ Britta Tiarks Greer, Professional Business and Life Coach, ICF Member

    “Participating in the Passion Into Profit program changed the way I look at business. I went from, “I don’t think I have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur” to “I can do this and will succeed no matter what!” The step by step process and unwavering support allowed me to consistently step out of my comfort zone and confidently begin building the business of my dreams.”

    ~ Caterina Barregar www.imaginelifecoaching.ca

    “Working for 18 years in the medical profession I never once had to advertise or market my services. In becoming a coach and building my own private practice it became evident very quickly that I needed to learn how to become an entrepreneur. I was introduced to Passion Into Profit, a program run by Teresia LaRocque, who not only was a successful entrepreneur but was a successful entrepreneur coach. What I learned in the course paid immediate dividends in my ability to move from my previous vocation into coaching full time. Thank you Teresia.”

    ~ Mark Marcynuk – www.dynamitecoaching.ca

    “Passion Into Profit is a very well-structured, well-designed program for new coaches who not only want the tools and ‘know-how’, but also want to step fully into the mindset of an entrepreneurial coach. Between Teresia’s business building calls and the MasterMind group formation, the new coach is supported fully in her journey of turning a deeply-felt passion to coaching into a long-term profit. I, personally, experienced strong and surprising results myself and would highly recommend this program to any coach -new or seasoned- who want to take their business to a new level.”

    ~ Mazen Alzogbi, Certified Hypnotherapist, Teenagers & Youth Coach, Speaker & Trainer

    “I came into the Passion Into Profit program with extreme passion for life coaching and the goal of being the best life coach I could be for the highest good of those around me, my clients, and myself.  What I have received is a clear picture of who I am and what I have to offer my clients.  My opening statement (credo) is what gave me clarity and PIP gave me the tools to birth this credo. I have also developed more faith and confidence in myself than ever before. PIP has gifted me with mounds of easy-to-use tools that support me in reaching my business goals. Each week is so rich in content I can hardly wait for my special Thursday to arrive. If you a tired of doing it by all yourself and running in circles to develop your perfect life coaching business, I would highly recommend enrolling in this program.”

    ~ Mel Lutterman – www.ValuableYou.com

    “An amazing year! These are the tools, the processes, the discussions, the support that will make me a hugely successful coach – this I know for sure. I will continue to refer all those I run into.”

    ~ Teresa Groendahl

    “Your course, the Passion Into Profit program, continues to awaken a very beautiful place within me, one that has been there all along but kept hidden by different roles I “professionally” played.  Your program keeps developing specific entrepreneurial qualities and making me more effective as a business owner. You have changed the way I look at things and I am excited to realize my entrepreneurial aspirations.”

    ~ Christine Beauregard

    “When I enrolled for the Passion Into Profit Program with Teresia, I was expecting to improve my business results. However when I started to apply the new knowledge, I discovered that I was  making personal shifts that are taking me to new levels of awareness and performance in my coaching business. With double takeaway the PIP is a keeper!”

    ~ Esperanza Miura

    “Teresia, I just wanted to once again thank you for the hour you “spent” with me, it held great value for me! The Passion Into Profit principals should be on everyone’s favorites list, it is a much needed resources for coaches. Words cannot express how you have re-inspired me.”

    ~ Diane Koop

    Interview with Passion Into Profit Graduate

    Caterina Barregar www.imaginelifecoaching.ca

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