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Coaching Teams Virtually Micro Course

Coaching Teams Virtually Micro Course

Effective Tool Use, Methodology, and Expert Insights

Discover how to use key methods to maintain your online facilitative focus on different kinds of team structures, optimizing team flexibility.

Join Erickson Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, to explore key team-organizing dynamics and the critical underpinnings and dynamics for effective online teams to develop well. In this 2-hour session, you will learn 6 critical relational dynamics and several key project planning dynamics that can open wide the online doorway to team spirit. When these dynamics are well understood, the path to organizational development becomes a strong, trustworthy road.

Why focus on online team excellence? This new, emerging topic is uncharted territory for many organizations. How do online teams, which seemingly have real platform constraints, create the needed conditions for spirited engagement? How, if starting from a totally disengaged ‘cold’ beginning? With online teams, how do we create the conditions for thriving in the new, energizing, online work frontier?

This micro course will assist you to work with all types of virtual teams in any corporate area, including harried C-suite executives, groups of competitive, individualistic experts, people focused on technological areas or teams developing new projects or services. Learn about the technologies for inspiring Solution-Focused team thinking with key online tools to assist core energy cycles. This session will be divided between exploring key concepts and trying various tools and practices including:

  • Online methods that assist to create the conditions for effective dialogue
  • Methods to develop the commitment to follow-through in shared projects
  • Practices that create trust. Assisting people to move from professional politeness to engagement and enjoyment.

Explore and practice applying questioning systems that optimize online team creativity and innovation and have an opportunity to “pick the brain” of a team coaching expert.

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