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Coaching Support During the COVID-19 Outbreak

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 17/03/2020

We are living in very challenging times. COVID-19 has become a pandemic requiring many of us coaches to self-isolate, quarantine, and cancel our daily work. It is important to all of us coaches to assist others to get through difficult events. We are joining together to support and to coach others in times of stress. 

In response to the rapidly-changing situation, Erickson founder, Marilyn Atkinson, shared a message on the role of coaches in the COVID-19 pandemic:

"An important piece for us coaches to prepare for is the burnout and exhaustion from hospital workers and people on the front lines, particularly after the intense phase of the illness is over. Coaches must be ready to assist.

This is a chance to move people through the private panic zone to the zone where we see ourselves as part of a full-on world effort. If we all work together, having safety and protection for ourselves and those around us a priority, then our hospitals won’t be overwhelmed, and many more people will live.

Practicing this attitude can become a trend towards world care that we are all in need of now. This is a great opportunity for Solution-Focused, step-by-step practicing, living smaller, taking care of your neighborhood, for mindfulness, and to be kind to others."

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