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Kalyna’s Story: From Struggling to Get Coaching Clients to a $15,000 Month

written bySharla Jacobson 10/01/2019

How did Erickson Alumni, Kalyna Miletic, go from struggling to get coaching clients to having her first $15,000 USD month? That was just the beginning! She went on to publish her first book and attract high-level speaking gigs that positioned her as an expert.

But she started just like other Erickson Coaches. She got her certification and felt confident about her coaching skills, but knew she needed business mentorship.

“I had received my PCC and was coaching some clients but really struggling to see how I could grow my business and get clients consistently. I also felt really alone in the coaching world. All of my friends, family and people in my community didn't really understand my vision and what I wanted to create.

I really just felt I needed mentors, and support on the business aspect of coaching that I didn't delve into during my certification with Erickson. I wanted a way to operate a business that was focused on coming from the heart and being authentic, and that's what I felt I'd be getting from the Teleseminar you (Sharla) ran with Erickson grads.”

Kalyna heard about the Erickson Business Center Partner, Thrive Academy and was interested in attending Thrive Academy’s Client Attraction Summit in California. But she was in Aruba at the time and she had only a few weeks notice. So she bought a standby ticket because that was all she could afford.

“I figured "why not?" which has led me down some of the most fascinating adventures I've had in my life so far. Two questions I asked myself were: What is the worst that can happen? What is the potential upside to showing up?”

Kalyna says, “I showed up alone, hoping the Summit would be the turning point that I needed in my business, and if we're honest, my life. During the Summit, I realized that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. I could take the templates, the expertise and the mentorship from Jesse and Sharla.”

Kalyna signed up for additional programs with Thrive. Within one month, she launched her first group program and made about $15,000 USD, just with the first group! She’s since launched two online courses and even spoken at UCLA.

She says, “I’m running a coaching business that works AND is genuinely focused on helping others!"

Kalyna was able to fill her practice without compromising her integrity. She didn’t have to use gross sales tactics or tricks but instead filled her practice through Heartselling – which is about listening, empathy and car

She has created an international brand where she is inspiring thousands of people! She launched her new website. She led a talk for UCLA. She published her first book. She recently took a trip to Paris with eight other Thrivers where they indulged in great food, great shopping and beautiful rituals to deepen their friendships.

"If you're looking for a community that will support you through wins, challenges, growth periods, spiritual awakenings, and even when you want to hide out in your room alone and binge watch Netflix, then [Thrive Academy] is the place for you. Everyone is welcome, accepted, honoured and loved for how they show up and that alone is worth showing up for and flying to events from Toronto, Bali, Fiji, Australia, or LA.

If I could give just one piece of advice, it would be you can do this if you start believing and you take the support and accept the help. You don't have to do by yourself.”

If you want to attract more coaching clients and create your own success story for your coaching business, the team at Erickson invites you to claim your Full Scholarship to the Client Attraction Summit.