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Coaching Questions to Move Forward

written byMelissa Milleron 10/01/2019

After beginning my coach training with The Art & Science of Coaching, I was inspired to evaluate my goals and to determine where I stood towards achieving them. I began this evaluation process by applying the methodologies of Erickson’s Solution-Focused Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

To evaluate my goals, I pondered the following questions:

  • What it is that I want to move toward? 
  • What do I truly want to accomplish?
  • What am I holding onto that is not moving me forward in the way that I want?
  • Why am I holding on so tightly?
  • What is more important than fear?
  • What if letting of the past propels me forward towards achieving my goals?

What I want to move towards is freedom and space to create a coaching business in which I help other people through my writing, coaching, creative problem solving and Emotional Intelligence development. Throughout my coach training journey, I realized that I typically take on new challenges while holding on firmly to all other commitments, and this keeps me away from progress towards my goals. More specifically, a part-time job and a frustrating relationship were the areas in which I was expending large amounts of time and emotional energy.

A collaboration of fears kept me stuck between stagnation and success. I was keeping myself occupied, away from fear of loss and letting go, while keeping my dreams on hold and not moving toward achievement. In order to move towards my goals, I realized that I must let go of fear and take bold courageous action to step into the life that I have the ability to create. Before letting go, I spoke my authentic feelings about the relationship, resulting in the fear of loss of the relationship becoming an actual loss. I found the uncertainty and fear of the loss were much worse than the actual loss. I actually felt a sense of freedom as I let that one go.

As far as the part-time job, I found myself constantly having to rearrange my schedule to make time to work the occasional shift. I have felt a loyalty to this job and have developed close relationships with the people that I worked with. Tears filled my eyes as I decided to let this job go. I will not lose the people that I care about, only the time constraint, and this will provide time for new adventures to occur.

As Erich Fromm said: “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty.” Creativity propels us forward. Creativity represents infinite possibilities and, when applied, opens the opportunity to excel with unlimited potential. It’s time to let the wild out and embrace the beautiful possibilities by taking action to move forward toward success. 

What do you want to move toward? What if letting go propels you forward?

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