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Coaching Essentials - Home Learning

Coaching Essentials - Home Learning

A Convenient Option To Learn Coaching

“Coaching Essentials” allows you to study the fundamentals of professional life coaching, business coaching, and executive coaching from the comfort of your own computer. This professionally developed program provides over 11 hours of Solution-Focused Coaching methodology and over 20 hours of actual coaching demonstrations at a fraction of the cost of a full coach training program. Please note that “Coaching Essentials” doesn’t offer any credentials or accreditation.

“Coaching Essentials” is different from other self-learning or on-demand coach training programs because all the video content is adapted directly from our premier ICF-accredited coach training program, The Art & Science of Coaching. All content in “Coaching Essentials” is presented by the world-renowned Master Coach – Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D. who is the Founder of Erickson Coaching International and trains thousands of people around the world each year.

Buy with PayPal – $499*

*If you purchase Coaching Essentials and then decide to take The Art & Science of Coaching Modules I through IV or Modules I through V, either online or on-site (applies to courses offered in North America only), Erickson will subtract the cost of Coaching Essentials from your total tuition.

What Is Included In The Package?

Coaching Essentials offers tremendous value, providing you with:

  • Over 11 hours of Solution-Focused Coach Training classroom videos with Dr. Marilyn Atkinson
  • 20 hours of Coaching Demonstrations
  • PDF Course Materials
  • Coaching Resources

BONUS: “20 Coaching Niches” Guide

Coaching Essentials is adapted from Modules I & II of The Art & Science of Coaching and includes these topics:

  • The Basics
  • The Brain Conversation
  • Building Powerful Coaching Relationships
  • Outcome-Focused Coaching Foundations
  • Coaching Positive Solutions
  • The As-If Frame
  • Logical Levels
  • Client Self Image
  • Feedback
  • Tone
  • Appreciate Conversations
  • Prioritization Models
  • Time Management
  • Strategy Creation: The Realist
  • Mastery & Coaching: The Critic

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows:
    • OS: 7/ 8 / Vista / XP
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz + / Intel Pentium D Intel Core Duo Core 2 / AMD Athlon or Turion 64
    • RAM: 1GB +
    • Video Card: 64MB +
  • Mac:
    • OS: OS X
    • Processor: 1.8GHz Powermac G5 / Intel Core Duo / CORE 2
    • RAM: 1GB +
    • Video Card: 64MB +
  • Web Browser:
    • Google Chrome
    • With Adobe Flash Plugin