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Panel Discussion: How To Continue Thriving During COVID?

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 25/11/2020

Hosted by Erickson Certified Professional Coach and Alumni, Fabian Luetzig, The Global Campfire of Coaching is a worldwide discussion between coaches, coachees, and anybody interested in Solution-Focused coach training to share information and exchange opinions so that we learn and grow together as a community.

In the latest episode, Fabian hosts a panel discussion with Erickson's Richard Hyams, Nikol Kuiken and Kalyna Miletic exploring the question of 'how do we thrive as coaches in the interesting times we're living in?'

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Read some key questions and thoughts from the Erickson Campfire Panel "Thriving? Now!? Oh Yes!" full interview:

Richard Hyams: "Research has shown that a human being only has so much energy and so much that they can put their attention on in a moment. But we do have a choice as to what we decided to put our attention on. We can walk into a field of beautiful flowers and trees, and we can just put our attention on some rotting tree and ignore all the beauty that's around us. We always have a choice as to what we put our attention on. It's like we always have a flashlight in our hands and it's up to us. Where are we going to shine it? That's what coaching does, coaches ask questions to assist someone to shift their attention away from what's not working and what's unpleasant and what's problematic towards what is going to work to what is a solution. Does this have to be so bad? What are the benefits, what opportunities?"

Nikol Kuiken: "I really find myself gravitating to is what do I have control over? It's very easy in a crisis or in a negative state to lose yourself in the things that you have no power to influence. We can't change the fact that there is a virus that's contagious out there. However, we can fully choose how we are going to respond. And what as Richard said, where are we putting our attention? When you can be intentional about what you're in charge of what you're choosing, when you can put your attention on what are the magical moments here? What are the blessings? What can I enjoy? What is possible? What can I do? That's been the greatest gift for myself and for my family is to get really intentional about our state of attention."

Kalyna Miletic: "I'm finding that amidst all of the technology, making sure I'm taking breaks from that and being actually where I am physically, has been a real lifesaver to my own energy levels and being able to show up online, even more excited and vibrant and thriving. I can show up to a Zoom meeting feeling really thrilled about the topic because I just went outside or I just did some yoga or just hugged my dog. Some simple things, but on the physical side, I'm finding are having a real impact in my ability to, to come back to a 14-hour technology-filled day and, and be able to move through that."

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