Management Training


Where do you find the inspiration to constantly develop your people, your largest untapped resource, in an age of rapid innovation and competition? How do you unleash peak performance in your people?

Management Coach Training, based on Solution Focused Principles and Outcome Oriented Coaching, provides a new connection between work and core values. These programs help managers to:

  • Develop prioritization skills, self-management, and personal accountability in your people
  • Help employees create the connection between their value system and the corporate vision
  • Create an environment that supports honest self-assessment and treats mistakes as learning opportunities in the development process
  • Encourage managers to focus on the strategic vision

Manager As Coach

Manager As Coach will provide both Managers and Executives with the tools to effectively blend coaching techniques with your individual management style, enabling employees to realize their full potential to meet and exceed the expectations of the business.

Workplace Coaching

Designed especially for the time-conscious organization, this new management training program takes integral aspects of The Art & Science of Coaching and applies a workplace managerial focus.