What Students Have To Say About Erickson Coaching?

becoming a coach changed my life testimonials

Read what real students are saying about Erickson Coaching International


Experience Coaching Free Webinar

“It was a great experience! The hosts were amazing facilitators who stayed around an extra 30 mins and answered questions. They were caring and in no rush to push us out. Felt warm and inviting.  The entire session exceeded my expectations. I really doubted you could deliver a coaching program online. Now I believe!”

– Karen P.

“Experience Coaching was enjoyable and informative. The speakers were great! Even in the four hours of class bonds were developed with participants that some may wish to continue.”

– Daryl B.

“A big THANK YOU for the Experience Coaching event, which was insightful, interactive and fun, as promised, and which you facilitated superbly. I came away thinking that the Erickson coaching program is a good program, and that the online format is a real option to the in-person version.”

– Experience Coaching Attendee

Erickson’s Online Coaching Academy

“I love the program because it is very engaging and supportive. Online helps me to develop myself without sacrificing my time, so I am able to progress fast.”

– Jenny Juric, Erickson grad and coach

“My expectations have been exceeded – it’s been a lot of fun! I feel lucky to be part of a learning format that is deeply personal and interactive.”

 – Chuck Genuardi, Erickson grad

“I never felt as if I was just sitting on the other end of the line listening to someone talk for hours on end. Despite the online nature of the class (and the possibility for multiple distractions at home) I remained deeply engaged in our lessons and the engagement and interaction definitely led to a close bond and high level of trust not only with our instructor, but with each other. Due to the personal nature of coaching and possible topics during a practice session I find this level of trust and comfort with the other students most valuable.”

– Erickson grad

The Art & Science of Coaching Program

“Module I and II were amazing. Having closer knowledge about Erickson coaching and principles had a positive impact and boosted my own growth, as a professional and also as a person. Module III and IV were excellent and contributed greater to my vision about the applicability of the structure for the client experience.”

– Erickson grad

“This course has changed my life. I feel complete and excited about all of the possibilities I see in front of me. I can’t wait to expand myself even more through additional Erickson courses.”

Andea Ferguson

“Excellent course. Learned a lot, had so much fun and I am getting more and more confident about coaching. I love this program and am impressed by the depth of subject areas to assist clients. I find that every sentence Marilyn speaks is full of information.”

 Wendy McLean

“I researched many coaching program and chose this one because it brings the ‘science’ into coaching. Now that I have completed two modules I am convinced that I made the right choice. I now understand why coaching works. Some students have taken other coaching courses and their feedback is that this one (The Art & Science of Coaching) is the ‘master’ coaching program.”

 Adrienne Danielson

“The Art & Science of Coaching has been transformational; I now truly understand moving from scarcity to abundance. I am so looking forward to stretching myself to becoming a global listener and having trust in that.”

 Tara Leeder

“I got a lot out of the mentor coaching session (Module V). I must admit that I was a little apprehensive initially but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It was a totally positive and empowering experience, as well as fun. It was great to get some positive encouragement that helped to boost my confidence. I also really appreciated getting individual feedback on how to improve my coaching. There was even an opportunity to gain insight on aspects of my coaching style that I was not even aware of. The session was most certainly in the spirit of caring, support and love.”

  Faith H.

“I was looking for a more fulfilling career, and what could be more fulfilling than helping people move into their ideal life? This course has not only provided me with tools and processes to help other people find and follow their most inspired dream, but it has provided me with a great deal of personal insight as well. I am now ready to begin my new career as a Life Coach with confidence and joy. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in helping people find and pursue their dreams.”

 Jane Miller, Ph.D

NLP Practitioner Program

“Exceptionally executed and delivered by genius trainers. They made it fun, compelling, fluid and flawless. They have inspired me to step into greatness.”

  Clavin Greger

“I loved the course and trainers. The material was presented in a logical way. The experiential learning methods accelerated my integration.”

 Nathan Zadworny

“Excellent, excellent course. 
It has provided me with a whole new way of living.”

Eva Tinktin, University Professor

“This course gave me powerful tools to enhance the quality of my 
life and those I am in contact with.”

– Bob Gottfried, TMG Inc.

“This has been the most beneficial course I have ever taken.”

~ Bill Fraser

NLP Master Practitioner Program

“I enjoyed the way this course was presented, there were lots of exercises in a very lively manner.”

– Brigitte Klar

“It was very important for me to do the coaching games. It gave me great insight and encouraged me to be more confident.”

– Madeline Haley

“One of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had. 
I have never felt as charged as I do now, thank you.”

– Tony DiGiovanni, Paragon Development Center

“Excellent course. I will live this moment on with a zest for life. 
It has allowed me to see things in a totally different perspective.”

– Delphine Smith, Realtor

“I personally grew taller and richer thanks to the course (figuratively and spiritually)!”

Jim McConnell, Counselor