The Art & Science of Coaching in Vancouver

ACTP - Accredited Coach Training ProgramComplete our world-renowned coach training program The Art & Science Of Coaching via the fast track on-site delivery in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

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Where: Granville Island Hotel  –  1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC

The Art & Science of Coaching in Vancouver 2016 – 2017

  • Module III: January 12 - 15, 2017
  • Module IV: February 16 - 19, 2017
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  • Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    Master The Art of Coaching!

    Begin your professional coaching journey by completing the world-renowned training program The Art and Science of Coaching. This unique and highly comprehensive coach training program was designed by the Master Trainer and Founder of Erickson Coaching International – Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D. By training at Erickson, you acquire skills for becoming an expert coach and a proficient coaching business owner that you can apply immediately with your clients and yourself.

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    Life and Business Coaching Training - Online and On-location

    Life Coaching, Executive Coaching – We’ve got you covered!

    money-backIn just 16 days you will acquire practical, hands-on skills, and the professional credentials needed to build a thriving coaching business. Our unique Solution-Focused Methodology is taught in a supportive and interactive environment that allows you to practice your new skills with peers as you learn them.

    The Art & Science of Coaching in Vancouver


    vancouver bc


    Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, is among Canada’s densest and most ethnically diverse cities. A popular filming location, it’s surrounded by gorgeous mountains and invites outdoor and cultural pursuits of all kinds. Vancouver Art Gallery is known for its works by regional artists, while the Museum of Anthropology houses preeminent First Nations collections. Getting your world-class coach training in beautiful Vancouver will provide you with an un-paralleled experience of your lifetime.

    Things To Do In Vancouver

    1. Capilano Suspension Bridge

    Make your way across the swaying suspension bridge, which stretches 137 metres (450 feet) across a canyon and the Capilano River 70 metres (230 feet) below. Then explore the beautifully lush fir- and fern-carpeted forests via a series of elevated suspension bridges in the Treetops Adventure.

    2. Vancouver Aquarium

    The Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 70,000 fascinating creatures from the Arctic to the Amazon. Be sure to catch daily beluga whale, dolphin and sea otter shows, and for an unforgettable extra try a hands-on animal encounter.

    3. Vancouver Lookout

    Located in the downtown Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Lookout, at a height of 130 metres (430 feet), is the perfect place to survey the city and plan – or reflect upon – your day.

    4. Vancouver Art Gallery

    This highly acclaimed collection of national and international contemporary art is worth spending at least an afternoon exploring. Don’t miss the collection of work by the well-known British Columbian artist Emily Carr. Stop in at the Satellite Visitor Centre on the southwest side of the gallery for great information and tips.

    5. Enjoy Our Exclusive Cruise

    Attend our annual boat dinner cruise, reserved to Summer Intensive students and Erickson facilitators.

  • Granville Island Hotel  –  1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


    Meet Your Trainers

  • ICF Certification and Coaching Programs

    Your Commitment to Coaching

    International Coach Federation (ICF) Certification shows potential clients your commitment to the coaching profession and gains you industry wide credibility:

    • 84% of clients think that it’s important that coaches are certified
    • Accredited coaches have higher income than non accredited
    • Clients who worked with certified coaches were more likely to be satisfied and recommend to other

    By regulating standards, skills, and core competencies for coach training, the ICF ensures that life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches are experienced, reliable, professionals, abiding by a strict code of ethics.

    Erickson is a globally recognized coach training institution, and its courses are highly regarded because they exceed the rigorous standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and produce excellent coaches.

    Click here to learn how Erickson prepares you for successful ICF certification.

    Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

    As an Accredited Coach Training Program, The Art & Science of Coaching fulfills all of the ICF’s educational and practicum requirements as well as supporting you through the entire ICF application process.

    Note: Completion of Modules I – IV of The Art & Science of Coaching fulfills ACSTH requirements only; Module V is required to complete the ACTP.

    Erickson has gone through a rigorous process of accreditation with the ICF and is one of a select few to achieve the impressive designation of Accredited Coach Training Program. Accredited programs are continuously reviewed and evaluated for excellence in curricula, core competencies, faculty, structure, proficiency, and ethics to support the highest quality coach training.

    ICF Recognized Credentials

    ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

    With completion of all five Modules of The Art & Science of Coaching, you will have accomplished 4 out of 6 of the ICF requirements for your Associate Coach Certificate. All that remains is for you to do is:

    • Log 100 coaching hours (at least 75 hours must be with paying clients) with a minimum of 8 clients
    • Purchase ICF membership

    Beginning October 1, 2016, at 12 a.m. (New York), all ACC applicants will be required to complete 100 hours of client-coaching experience following the start of their coach-specific training. Furthermore, at least 25 of these hours must occur within the 18 months prior to submitting the application for the credential. ACC applicants will still be required to have a minimum of eight (8) clients and 75 paid client-coaching experience hours.

    ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

    With completion of all five Modules of The Art & Science of Coaching, and the Associate Coach Certification requirements, you are well on your way to your Professional Certified Coach designation. All that remains is for you to:

    • Log 750 coaching hours (at least 675 hours must be with paying clients) with a minimum of 25 clients
    • Purchase ICF membership

    Effective October 1, 2016 at 12 a.m. (New York), all PCC applicants will be required to log 500 hours (450 paid) of coaching experience with at least 25 clients following the start of their coach-specific training. At least 50 of these hours must occur within the 18 months prior to submitting the application for the credential.

    ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)

    In order to obtain the ICF’s Master Certified Coach designation, coaches must meet additional criteria to become an expert coach:

    • Log 2,500 coaching hours (at least 2,250 must be with paying clients)
    • Completed 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
    • Performance evaluation (two audio recordings and written transcripts of coaching sessions)
    • Complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) – unless previously passed when applying for ACC or PCC designations
    • Purchase ICF Membership

    By having an ICF recognized credential, it enhances your credibility and reassures potential clients that you are an experienced and professional coach; it demonstrates that you stand by a strong code of ethics; it demonstrates a high knowledge and applied skill level; and reinforces the integrity of the coaching profession nationally and internationally.

  • Tuition & Payment Plans

    The Art & Science of Coaching Tuition



    Is Coach Training Right For You? Find Out!

    Take this quick online quiz and get an instant report with your personal results. Identify your strengths and social style plus training and positions you are best suited for. Get Your Coaching Career Readiness score now.

    Erickson Coaching International is a registered education institution. All tuition is free of GST and PST taxes. Tax Deductible – T2202A (Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate) is an official statement for income tax purposes, and is issued to all Canadian students who paid tuition and fees for use on their income tax return. The form shows the amount of tuition that can be deducted from income tax as well as the number of months eligible for the education deduction. T2202A are automatically mailed by the last day of February for the tuition and eligible fees paid in the preceding calendar year.

    * Package pricing of $4,880 for Modules I-IV applies if paid in full at the time of registration.

    ** Course Cancellation or Refund
    In the event that a scheduled course is cancelled, or another circumstance occurs that prevents a course from being delivered, Erickson’s cancellation and refund policy will apply. For more details, please contact an Enrollment Advisor.

    All Erickson alumni have an exclusive ability to review any of the previously completed Modules at a special Alumni price of $300. That’s an amazing perk that allows you to refresh your knowledge at any time!

    Our Enrollment Advisors can help you choose the right coach training program and a flexible payment plan that suits your lifestyle, schedule, and budget. Please visit our Program Calendar to see upcoming classes online or on-site. Give us a call today at 800 665 6949 for more information.

    Erickson is a registered education institution, so fees are considered tuition, and taxes are not applicable. Students can pay in full at the time of registration to take advantage of the most cost effective tuition option. Alternatively, payment plans are available for those who prefer to pay their tuition fees over time – although it costs a little more by the end of the payment period, it is a payment option that is a little more appealing to some people. The third option is pay-as-you-go.

    Enroll in The Art & Science of Coaching Modules I to IV, and you will be responsible for the planting of 25 trees that will remove approximately 25 tons of CO2 per year. An additional 25 trees will be planted for paid enrollment of Module V!

    Going Green is not just about changing how we do things now but also about taking responsibility and restoring the damage done. Erickson has formed an alliance with Founded in 1992 by the singer, John Denver, Plant-It 2020 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, private foundation planting trees only in non-harvest locations protected by contract with high survival rates.

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    Our Online Live webinars are designed to answer your coach training questions, explain the fundamentals of coaching (including the basics of Erickson’s unique Solution-Focused approach to coaching), and provide you with an opportunity to experience a coaching conversation.

    Our webinars reflect the committed and respectful learning environment that The Art & Science of Coaching Online provides. We strive to provide our online students with the same quality of trainer-to-student and student-to-student interaction you receive with our on-site programs.

    The experience is facilitated by a live immersive webinar environment combining both audio and visual elements. You will be connected to the class through our world class Cisco webinar software. Your trainer will use live whiteboards and online presentations to address the same key learning points as our on-site programs.

    The flexibility of this platform allows interactive Q&As with the trainer and students just like a real classroom! This is not a teleconference – we offer the leading solution to distance coach training in the world. To ensure you and your fellow students gain the most value from this engaging event, we ask for your complete commitment during the time you invest with us.