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Leveraging Your Complimentary Sessions To Attract Paying Clients

written by Teresia LaRoque on 09/14/2012

Do you offer complimentary sessions to attract paying clients? If yes – a very strategic move. Offering complimentary sessions, when done effectively, is a proven way to turn your passion of coaching into profit.   

How to Get Back to Positivity

written by Sandi Amorim on 09/13/2012

It's easy to slip into a spiral of negative thinking when you're building something new in your life, like a business. This might look like a lot of self-doubt and sabotage, or comparing your insides to someone else's outsides.  

Business Building Tip: The Power of Having a Niche and How to Choose It

written by Teresia LaRoque on 09/11/2012

Teresia LaRocque, MCC, Director of Entrepreneurship, shares why from a marketing perspective having a niche is a very important step to building your business quickly and with ease. Teresia offers tips on what you can do to begin identifying your niche and determine what makes you an expert in your field.

The Journey of Success In Your Coaching Business

written by Sandi Amorim on 09/06/2012

In the beginning, there's your enthusiasm for coaching and your desire to make a difference by developing your coaching business. You've probably read the books and heard the rallying cry of "Do what you love and the money will follow!" But here's the thing no one talks about. . . Passion will only get you so far.  

Build Your Coaching Business with Unstoppable Momentum

written by Teresia LaRoque on 09/05/2012

Teresia LaRocque, MCC, interviews Caterina Barregar, graduate of The Art & Science of Coaching and the Erickson Business Center Program on what contributed to the success she is experiencing in her coaching business.

Believe in Yourself and Your Value As A New Coach

written by Caterina Barregar on 08/31/2012

Learn why you need to believe in yourself and your value as a new coach. Many people are afraid to go ahead and build their business because they might fail, or they may make a mistake.

A Life Lesson From Einstein

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 08/28/2012

Did you hear about this life lesson from Einstein? It is one of the simplest and yet profound life lessons that will determine the rest of your life!