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Build Your Coaching Business with Unstoppable Momentum

written by Teresia LaRoque on 09/05/2012

Teresia LaRocque, MCC, interviews Caterina Barregar, graduate of The Art & Science of Coaching and the Erickson Business Center Program on what contributed to the success she is experiencing in her coaching business.

Believe in Yourself and Your Value As A New Coach

written by Caterina Barregar on 08/31/2012

Learn why you need to believe in yourself and your value as a new coach. Many people are afraid to go ahead and build their business because they might fail, or they may make a mistake.

A Life Lesson From Einstein

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 08/28/2012

Did you hear about this life lesson from Einstein? It is one of the simplest and yet profound life lessons that will determine the rest of your life!

Business Building TIP: Steps to Creating Your Business Credo

written by Teresia LaRoque on 08/27/2012

Do you want to take your passion and talent for coaching and turn it into a profitable business?   Teresia LaRocque, MCC, shares tips on one of the most critical steps to creating a successful marketing campaign – clarity of your credo.

Fire Up Your Referrals Generator! Leveraging the Complimentary Session

written by Teresia LaRoque on 08/22/2012

In order to build a successful coaching practice, consistently asking for referrals is the single greatest skill you need to develop. Referrals are business-building GOLD. Why? Because they allow us to leap over the toughest stages of the relationship-building process.

Solution-Focused Alchemy: What Produces Happiness?

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 08/21/2012

Perhaps you have heard stories about the Alchemists of the Middle Ages transmuting dross metal into gold? Similar to these tales is the story of the Buddhist monk who is famous because he began a practice of breathing in the faults, mistakes, issues and problems of everyone in the world in the form of black smoke.

The One Thing You Can Do Now To Increase Your Productivity!

written by Teresia LaRoque on 08/15/2012

In this latest mentor session, Susan ( identifies the one thing that will make the biggest difference in leveraging her time and maximizing the various business opportunities she is attracting.  

How to Get Un-Stuck

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 08/14/2012

Getting Unstuck

Deeply confused about career or life direction? Can't find that great job? Here is how to get un-stuck!