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Erickson blog is created to deliver useful information and resources to our global community about coaching industry trends and developments, important Erickson updates, and inspiring stories written by personal and executive coaches. Join the conversation, connect, share ideas and inspire growth! Love to write about human development, life coaching and business coaching? Become our Blog Contributor.

Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker and Trainer

written by Erickson Coaching International on 07/11/2019

In this exclusive 3-part interview with the founder of Erickson Coaching International, Marilyn Atkinson, Teresia LaRocque (MCC) opens up the dialogue on what it means to be an effective public speaker and how Erickson's Standing in Contribution: A Trainer's Training program can help coaches, trainers and facilitators improve public speaking skills.

The Goal of Self Improvement

written by Erickson Coaching International on 07/05/2019

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." – Ernest Hemingway

Developing Passion and Potential

written by Erickson Coaching International on 06/21/2019

"When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born." – Zig Ziglar

Coach Training in Vancouver: Summer Intensive 2019

written by Erickson Coaching International on 06/13/2019

Every July since 2005, Erickson Coaching International has hosted one of our most popular programs – The Art & Science of Coaching Summer Intensive in Vancouver, Canada. While Erickson is now represented in over 85 countries by more than 45,000 graduates, it all began here in Vancouver.

Overcoming Personal Prejudice with Coaching Tools

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 06/12/2019

Inside each of us, we find examples of strong prejudices: young versus old, black versus white, fat versus thin, tall versus short, my team versus yours. These prejudices are largely unconscious.

Marketing Yourself As A Coach: The Badge of Honour

written by Erickson Coaching International on 06/01/2019

As part of our ongoing community engagement, Erickson is proud to offer digital alumni badges that can be displayed on your website and/or social media coaching profiles.  

Green New Deal - Town Hall Meeting with Marilyn Atkinson

written by Erickson Coaching International on 05/28/2019

On Saturday, May 18, Erickson Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, hosted a town hall meeting in her home city of North Vancouver in BC, Canada to discuss the many environmental and societal issues that millions around the world are facing.

The Mastery of Coaching

written by Erickson Coaching International on 05/24/2019

"Wherever there is mastery, coaching is occurring – and wherever coaching is done, mastery will be the outcome." – Andrea J. Lee


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