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Tailoring Corporate Purpose Through Developing a Coaching Culture

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/10/2021

When we coaches think ‘coaching culture,’ we look with pride at companies with aligned teams, visionary leaders inspiring their reports, and corporate effectiveness as reported by members at multiple levels. We usually share the ‘hows’ of coaching culture.

Coaching Team Thinking and Team Innovation

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/08/2021

In many companies, innovation is an elusive quality that is either present or not – rather than available as a process that can be trained and managed. Effective Solution-Focused team coaching and facilitation changes all that.

Great Teams: Empowering Individuals First

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 03/01/2021

What makes for a great team? Why do some teams work so well together? What can be learned from those teams where the word work equals positive collaboration and meaningful engagement?

Team Leadership Excellence Check-In

written by Nikol Kuiken, MNLP, PCC on 02/17/2021

COVID-19’s impact on the world of business is everchanging. There is now a major restructuring of the way we work in the modern world as businesses begin to re-emerge into a changing marketplace. Indeed, the pandemic revealed many and varied problems that the business world had to quickly adapt to deal with. The many businesses that developed their response to the pandemic through leadership excellence are now looking ahead to focus on new solutions as the world of business undergoes unprecedented changes in 2021.

Good Grief? Self-Empowerment in the Loss of a Teammate

written by Cory Martin on 02/16/2021

Your team is your team. They are your creative and strategic work partners. A collective group of close friends and passing acquaintances. There have been both voice-raising disagreements and glass-clinking celebrations. No matter the unique dynamics of your crew, when a team member is no longer there, the sudden gap is felt. There is one less energy, and like the tide coming in, a wave of grief makes itself known.

Erickson Welcomes a New Partner in Albania

written by Erickson Coaching International on 02/16/2021

Erickson Coaching International is proud to announce our expansion into Albania!  

Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty and Change

written by Nikol Kuiken, MNLP, PCC on 02/13/2021

2020. A year that will go down in books. A year of uncertainty and new challenges that completely changed the way we live. In the face of so much uncertainty and change that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought there was one aspect of the human condition that allowed us to persevere: the quality of resilience. With this in mind, how can we better hone our own resilience in order to overcome our individual day-to-day struggles?

Creating Resilience to Overcome Trauma

written by Brad Hardie on 02/10/2021

When its life comes to an end, the phoenix collapses in a fiery pyre, depleted and drained, burning to ash before rising up once more to be reborn. The analogy reminds me of trauma survivors that have endured such extraordinary situations and circumstances, and when the last embers seem to be fading from red to black, a great resilience reignites them and their wings spread. This ability to help transform our clients is the essence of being a coach, and one that works through a trauma lens. 


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