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World Game Day - Vancouver 2015

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 22/06/2015


You are invited to join us for an interactive, fun, and inspiring day, helping you to personally step into playing your own "World Game."

The World Game is a movement to create a world consciousness tipping point. Everyone is invited to play and the movement is intended to spark passion for helping others while sharing inspiration, hope and positivity. Started by solution-focused coaches, The World Game has the power to become much bigger! If everybody plays, humanity wins.

On Wednesday, July 8, 2015, the Vancouver Regional World Game Day will be an opportunity to meet old and new friends from our expanding North American community and to reflect on our expansive role and intentions as leaders and coaches in the world of international coaching development.  

More and more people are yearning to explore and live by intrinsic goals such as personal growth and community development, rather than only lifestyle-oriented extrinsic goals, such as money, image and status. As people connect to this shift, they connect to coaching and to us. A new level of human consciousness is unfolding and, as coaches, we can play a major role in ushering it in.  

In this special Vancouver Regional World Game Day we plan to co-create a day of exploration, experiential exercises, and deep connection. We will explore a powerful set of interlinked conversations about all of humanity. We will consider big coaching themes: Education, Corporate Development, Families, Creative Emergence, Mindfulness, Language and Culture, Health and Well-Being, and Ecology.  

Give yourself the gift of exploring your potential as a coaching leader in the world of 2015, and energize your dreams in the nourishing context among like-minded coaches - all dedicated to changing the world one conversation at a time!  

Engage with your own powerful leadership and begin to create a "tipping point" of human consciousness 

For more information, and to register, please click the button below:  

Vancouver World Game Day 2015

To learn more about The World Game movement and the 2016 Bali International World Game Conference, visit

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