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World Game Bali 2016

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 13/04/2016

Some of the world’s most accomplished coaches, thought leaders and influential visionaries assembled in Bali in April 2016 for The World Game. This was one of the most significant conferences for coaches of our time. The key question addressed there was - "How can we generate the vision, leadership and genius to awaken our generation as coaches?"  

From the Founder, Marilyn Atkinson:   "Really hard to transmit the essence of what happened here in Bali. It was a big conversation... a true think tank between multiple cultures... and thoughtful individuals about who we are as coaches facing this very specific future we are meeting today... and how to meet it with strategic vision, clear purpose and inner grace! It was also a BLAST! Lots and lots of good humor and fun."  

"Wow! A wonderful walk on the pastel beautiful beach at Bali, near the Aston Kuta Hotel where I will train "Advance of the Spirit" at the World Game in Bali over the next few days. This training opens other events and prepares the way for the big conference on the 5th, 6th and 7th of April starting at the La Joly evening reception. It is truly a joy to be here!!!"  

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