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Women Changing the World

written byTia Kellyon 22/01/2015

An Interview with Tia Kelly and Marilyn Atkinson  

Tia Kelly, Life Coach, Leadership Facilitator and Co-Founder of Global Sorority recently interviewed Marilyn Atkinson, Founder and Lead Coach of Erickson Coaching International, about her World Game initiative and vision.  

The World Game is a community of coaches and social entrepreneurs who are attempting to find simple ways to assist people in finding their leadership vision around contributing to the planet, and to each other. The World Game features a series of conventions and conferences across the globe that promote the key message of the movement.  

Tia and Marilyn discuss the progression of the World Game event, and how solution-focused coaching drives the initiative across world communities, as well as how the "tipping point" relates to women's capacity to affect change.  

Watch the complete video interview here:

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Marilyn's book, "Do You Want To Play The World Game?" you can purchase it on Amazon here.  

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