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What Is The Value You Provide To Your Coaching Clients?

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 01/12/2014

This month, I focused on the importance of embracing the entrepreneur’s mindset as you build your coaching practice. In my last blog I discussed the distinction between your role as a coach and your role as an entrepreneur. Any time you make choices about the direction of your business, you must see the potential outcomes from the perspective of both roles. Today I want to expand on that, by asking you to get clear about the value you bring to your clients.  

Every successful entrepreneur knows that you can expect no opportunity in life until and unless you first provide value to someone else. This is especially true for coaches. The more value you bring into people’s lives, the more your business will grow. Your inner entrepreneur is always working in the background, keeping a solid framework in place, in order to hold a space for the unique service you provide as a coach. You are paid for generating results. Being able to articulate how your clients will benefit from your services is critical to your ability to effectively market them.  

This is where your credo comes in. 

Establishing a credo means getting clarity about who you are in your business and the difference that it makes. The credo is the beginning of your marketing strategy. Get clear about the stand you want to make as a coach and the direction your business is heading. The credo is similar to an “elevator pitch,” but it goes deeper. It’s is the window to the soul of your business. It allows you to see right to the core of your company or profession. It places you on a clear path to success. It also helps your clients to feel good about making an investment in the coaching process.  

The credo is a valuable marketing tool that involves describing your services and their benefits in a straightforward manner.  

Begin Building your Credo Take some time to answer the following questions. Be clear and direct. Don’t use industry jargon. Someone outside your profession should be able to understand your answers completely.  

  1. Who are you as a coach? (business coach, wellness coach, executive coach, etc.)
  2. Who are your customers?
  3. What do you do? (How do you work with your clients? Processes, tools?)
  4. How do they benefit (from their perspective)?
  5. What are the results I help my clients create?
  6. Why should people hire you as their coach?

As entrepreneurs, our success depends on the value we are creating for others.  The first step is to get clear on your credo. The clarity this provides will help you to begin to attract your ideal clients and move steadily towards success.  

Erickson Business Center Challenge:  Take the first step in clarifying your credo, have a creative brainstorming session using the above questions as a guide.  (Invite members of your team or some of your raving fans to be part of the brainstorming). Write down everything that comes to mind, this is the beginning of all your marketing communication pieces. From here you can begin to choose the authentic, compelling statements to clarify your credo.  

Original Post from International Coach Federation blog.  

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