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What Does Your Back To School Look Like?

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 11/08/2015

September is that time of year where things kick into high gear and it’s all hands on deck for the “Back to School” rush. This isn’t anything new to parents or kids alike and nowadays seems to start earlier and earlier – almost the moment the school year ends!  

While Back to School literally means the process of preparing to attend an educational institution for another year, for many, September marks the start of a new year, a fresh start, and an opportunity to do something new. It could be educational in nature or it could be committing to something like a new routine or habit.  

So what does your Back to School look like? Here are some ideas to inspire you as September approaches.  

Get back to, or define and start, a routine

f there’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while or a change you’ve been considering, why not start now? You could get up 30 minutes earlier than normal so that you have time to enjoy your coffee and the news; you could for 15 minutes each day; you could turn off all screens 90 minutes before bed and read a book – the possibilities are endless and all it takes is making a start.   

Commit to getting in shape

Getting in shape can be part of a new routine that you start for yourself or it can be an overall lifestyle change that you make. You might start out with something small like a 20 minute walk each evening after dinner, or make a dietary change to assist with healthy weight loss. You might take out a gym membership and commit to going at least twice per week, or perhaps signing up for a group class.  

Start a new project

If you have kids, this might be a great opportunity to give yourself some homework to do while they take care of their own school assignments. If you’ve been thinking about writing a book or blog, start jotting down some ideas for topics, chapters, structure, and layout. If you’re into crafts, perhaps getting started on that scrapbook that you’ve been planning is now the right time.  

Re-define an old, perhaps bad, habit into a new, positive one

There’s never a better time to put old habits to rest, but sometimes making it an opportunity to flip it around into something positive, can provide great incentive to change. While some habits have a very clear benefit to changing them, such as quitting smoking, sometimes there are habits that we don’t even realize we have until they are brought to our attention. Instead of simply stopping or rejecting them, finding the positive and focusing on that can be hugely beneficial.  

Enroll in a class

Learning is a lifelong process so there are opportunities for new skills and understanding pretty much always. You could enroll yourself in a fitness class as part of your new commitment to getting into shape, a cooking class to learn some new recipes or even a class to learn a foreign language. You could even take part in an online class that gives you a professional skill, such as Project Management, or join a forum that allows you discuss hobbies or other areas of interest.  

No matter what you do, September can be a unique starting point for you, and potentially far less stressful than the more traditional New Years’ Resolutions that happen in January. Starting out with less pressure can potentially mean greater success in what you put your mind to.  

To keep you inspired, here are some key historical moments that took place in the month of September:  

  • September is the beginning of Autumn/Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere
  • The United Colonies changed to the United States on September 9, 1776
  • World War II began in September 1666
  • The Great Fire of London started on September 2, 1666
  • On September 18, 1851, the New York Times newspaper published its first edition
  • The very first comic strip was printed in an American newspaper on September 11, 1875
  • Band-Aids were invented in the month of September

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