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Want to leverage all your social media efforts? Capture contact information.

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 05/02/2013

Once your website (or social media page) is seen by a new visitor, your goal is to “capture” their contact information so you can continue to develop the relationship. This is the best way to leverage all your social media efforts.  

The most valuable pieces to capture are the visitor’s name and e-mail address. These elements are the easiest to leverage over time because they position you to reach out to large groups all at once, yet you appear to be speaking to just one person. You’re maximizing efficiency and connection at the same time.  

One of the most popular ways to capture the contact info is to offer a free, downloadable gift that would make your ideal client light up and say, “Wow! I need that.” The best way to do that is to offer a solution to a common problem that your niche struggles with. A prime example of this is HearSaySocial, a world class marketing and social media agency. They offer cutting edge whitepapers aimed at helping solve problems businesses are facing now. The example below shows their landing page for a new social media return on investment (ROI) whitepaper, a topic that is very relevant to their audience.  

Some consumer brands have gone beyond this offering online 'free trials' of services. The language education software company, Rosetta Stone does this very well by offering a free trial (equivalent to a downloadable gift) to those interested in their service. They have also recognized that potential customers do not want to part with lots of their personal information, therefore they have only asked for an email address. A general rule of thumb is that the more valuable the gift, the more information a potential customer is willing to give.  

You could position this gift as a way to escape the pain of their problem (by highlighting how hard it is to be where they are and how this gift will help); or, you could emphasize how they can move toward something specific (the dream life they really want). Either way works well, but people are generally more motivated to invest (time, money, contact info) if you’re helping them move away from a specific pain. And, the more pain they are feeling, the more they will invest.  

Here are a couple of examples to consider:  

  • A coach who supports business leaders in leveraging technology and leadership, could offer a document on the “Top Ten Tips to Ensure Technology is Working for You in Today's Fast-Paced and Technological Workplace.” It speaks directly to the main concerns of the ideal client.
  • A coach who works with overwhelmed professionals could offer a 3 part video series on “The Top 3 Strategies to Take Control of Your Time and Create the Balance You Desire”. Again, speaking to the clients’ biggest desired outcome.
  • However, maybe the best example is our own free download! Click on the button below to download your own copy of the Top 10 Tips to Turning Your Passion Into Profit!

Remember: The goal is to create rapport and credibility instantly, and make your ideal client think, “Wow, I like your style. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you and your expertise through this free gift.”

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Erickson Business Center Challenge: Consider your ideal clients biggest challenge or greatest dream, what offering/gift would make a difference for them now? Create that gift and begin to watch your community grow!  

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