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How To Turn Your Coaching Clients Into Raving Fans (That Give You Referrals!)

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 09/07/2014

We all know that getting client referrals is one of the quickest ways to grow your coaching business, but how exactly do you turn your coaching clients into raving fans?  

Remember that old saying, dress for the job you want, not the job you have?  

The point is to make a strong, positive impression that exceeds all expectations – to convey vision, capability and competence.  

Take that same concept into self-employment and we’re not talking about your suit anymore.  

As a coach we refer to “clients”, but as a business owner we need to think of them as “customers.”   

When we WOW them, we turn customers into raving fans – people who sing your praises to others and become an integral part of your passive marketing machine.   Raving fans generate referrals, testimonials, success stories and more – some of your most powerful and effective marketing tools.   So, it really pays to invest your time and attention into making people say WOW.   What does it take to knock their socks off?  

So, it really pays to invest your time and attention into making people say WOW.   What does it take to knock their socks off?  

You have to deliver more value than people expect. It could look like:

  • A bonus phone call or additional time during a coaching session, beyond what they paid for.
  • Additional material related to a specific issue (information, a resource, a success story, etc.).
  • Gifting a product from your inventory.
  • A client-appreciation lunch.
  • Acknowledging significant dates (birthdays, anniversary, etc.).

It’s that extra touch that conveys vision and competence – and perhaps most importantly, caring.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of thinking one step ahead of your client, planting seeds that support their path of progress by introducing a concept or perspective. Maybe you shine a spotlight on something they don’t know about, or hold a powerful vision of their potential and future. It could be as simple as suggesting things that would help them get more value from coaching, such as a question to think about between sessions.  

These extra touches make a strong impression on people, so one of the most strategic things you can do to build your business is dedicate time in your schedule every week to deliver Super Service. Be consistent in blocking out 10 percent of your business hours to go above and beyond the expectations of your clientele. Month after month, you’ll be investing in your brand and the development of a passive marketing machine that can keep your practice full for years to come.  

The number one thing that impresses people most?  

Becoming an expert in your niche, and the specific challenges, opportunities, and issues that your typical client faces. Develop systems, products, bodies of resources and information that is specific to your niche. This will elevate your ability to deliver value and make a stronger, more professional impression.   Over-delivering – adding extra value – makes a distinctive mark on clients and they will become your raving fans!    

Erickson Business Center Challenge: Decide that 10 percent of your business hours are dedicated to super service activities. What will you do on a weekly basis to WOW your clients?

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