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The Gift of the Second Chance

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 18/07/2015

Everyone has heard of the phrase, "You have been given a second chance."  

For some people the reality of this means they got lucky. They have possibly damaged some aspect of their life and think another opportunity will emerge to make things right. If a second opportunity does rise again, chances are, the same mistakes will be made. Nothing has been learned by being given this challenge. They have missed the message.  

For others, the opportunity of a second chance is a new beginning, the ability to right a wrong, to encourage love, to ask for forgiveness. For them it can be life altering.  

Consider the young student who did not study for his exam the night prior, wrote it and failed, destroying his chance to continue on to a higher level of education, but given a second chance, he would be allowed another opportunity to retake the exam. The newly released inmate who having just served time in prison and wants to connect back into society, become a new man, forge a new future and be given the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. What about a second chance to mend a friendship that has been estranged for many years? They coincidentally meet at the same function and are now given an opportunity to restore their friendship….an opportunity for renewed connection.  

For some, receiving that second chance is perceived as a blessing. It is a gift bestowed on us to do it right this time. It is like a breath of fresh air that exhilarates and inspires us to move ahead, to use the lessons that we learned from our past mistakes. We are all given many second chances, but how many of us recognize them for what they are?  

The dictionary defines a second chance as "Another Day after a Mistake or Failure." So as we pause and give thought to this subject, consider this: You have been given a second chance to amend a serious matter. Would you see this as an opportunity of hope or hopelessness? By grabbing that brass ring, how would the quality of your life change?  

Most of us could use a second chance. We all fail, for that is how we learn. But what about those chances that, if changed, would heal your soul and restore the value that you feel inside of yourself? Often when we make mistakes, we only see the wrong that we have done, feel the hate for ourselves, and fail to see the lesson that we were meant to learn. If we have wronged someone or wronged ourselves, can we take the time to learn from it… to undo the damage?  

The lesson that we learn will be as unique and as different as we are. It might mean discussing with your child how hitting for discipline has reverse effects and only feeds the wrong in generations to come. Perhaps you will have an opportunity with a new relationship partner, to find that time spent with each other is a gift you are given every day, as mortality is an unknown. Or maybe a chance to love and forgive those that are important to you in your life, knowing that perfection in ourselves and others is a fallacy.  

It is what you do with your second chance that makes the difference. Imagine that a beautiful wrapped box arrives for you. On the tag it reads "SECOND CHANCE." You open it and your breath is taken away as it is the most wonderful gift that you have ever received. It holds the key to growth, opportunity and love. It holds the key to a new beginning.  

Today is the day you rebuild and start fresh. Celebrate the gift of the second chance!