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Terra Clarity: Svetlana's Coaching Entrepreneur Story

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 05/06/2013

Good is good enough!  

Do you ever catch yourself saying: “I need more coach training.” “I need more practice as a coach.” “I need to rebrand myself before I market my coaching business.”  

Well, you are not alone. As a coach, people invest in you. That can feel very vulnerable and it is easy to default to, “I am not enough.”  

Svetlana Polakova, a graduate of the Erickson Business Center program shares the defining moment that was the catalyst for her to fully embrace all that she presently has to offer to her potential clients. She also reveals what got her taking massive action to realize her entrepreneurial dreams!  

“What is most important is the belief in yourself. There are potential customers that want to work with you NOW! It is important to let them know about yourself and your coaching services – you are good enough!” – Svetlana Polakova  

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