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Erickson Business Center - Graduate Feedback

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 27/03/2015

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to start a business; it may be achieving your desired work/life balance, choosing your own colleagues or simply for the challenge. No matter your motivation, The Erickson Business Center (EBC) Program is designed to help make your business goals a reality.  

The most recent Erickson Business Center Program came to a close on March 26 and saw 20 graduates complete the six-month interactive program with Director of Erickson Business Center, Teresia LaRocque. There have been over 80 graduates from this valuable business building program since inception and we are excited to share what our students are saying about it:

Sherry Peters, Writing Success Coach - "Taking the EBC program was the best decision I’ve made for my coaching business. Teresia teaches us how to personalize everything, to use our own gifts, talents, and attractive abilities, leading with our heart when marketing our business, and that is something you don’t get anywhere else.”

Vanessa Wiebel, Green Business Coach - “Before I took the Erickson Business Center program I was frustrated, as I had done a previous mentorship course not worth its money.  I was left spinning my wheels, gun shy to invest in another business building program and I had a dream that I did not want to give up on. I am so happy I took the leap and did the EBC program. The step by step methods offered and the camaraderie of the calls, has successfully supported me.  Letting go of my self-doubt, and tendency to micro-manage is a relief. I have now fully embraced working on my business, I now have paying clients I enjoy and have a strong simple business building strategy."

Daleen Pinder, Empowerment Coach - “The Erickson Business Center home study program was exactly what I needed. I just finished my training and I needed the “how to’s” to build my business. I am a go-getter and working at my own pace was my preference. The EBC program provides a solid foundation and step by step process to get 1-1 paying clients. In six months I achieved my goal of 10 paying clients! I am confident I have all the tools I need to continue to build a thriving coaching business.”

Jennifer Leon, Self-Leadership Coach - “Participating in the program was a joy.  It helps you create the right energy and momentum to do more than you thought possible.  It is not only a business building program, it is a lifestyle program.”  


Britta Tiarks-Greer - “I have just finished the Erickson Business Center six months program with Teresia and I wouldn't be where I am today. Her step by step strategies were exactly what I needed.  I can only say to every newly starting coach, this program will bring you the results you would like as an entrepreneur. Seven stars to the EBC program.”

Audrey Gauthier, Coach and Mental Trainer of Marketing Talents - “I love how the Erickson Business Center program has helped me create a business different from others and fully in line with my own style. I have made more corporate appointments and am clear on how to increase my visibility and position myself well to attract my ideal clients. In March I will have made €10,000!”  


Viveka Fredwall, Life & Business Coach - "I was just starting my business and I didn't have an idea of how to make it happen. Now I have a clear step by step model! What made the biggest difference has been clarifying my niche and I now confidently reach out to people when I market myself and my services."

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