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New Director of Training for Erickson Coaching International

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 11/06/2015

Erickson Coaching International is extremely excited and proud to announce that Jo-Ann Harris, seasoned facilitator for The Art & Science of Coaching, has successfully achieved her MCC accreditation with the Internal Coach Federation (ICF) and has accepted the title of Erickson's Director of Training.  

In this role, Jo-Ann will continue to lead Module V, the Erickson mentor program and oral assessment process.She will continue in her role as course facilitator to provide experience and valuable training to Erickson students, faculty and staff and leverage her existing management and development skills to ensure that Erickson remains a pioneer in coach training, both in the online and in-person space.

Jo-Ann will also be responsible for the following:  

  • Ensuring the curriculum of Erickson's Module V offering is in alignment with the ICF requirements
  • Updating the content of Module V and ensuring that it is delivered by methods approved by the ICF
  • Training Erickson's Module V program facilitators to teach in alignment with the updated program placing emphasis on the ICF Core Competencies
  • Training new Mentor Coaches and ensuring Erickson's current Mentor Coaches are following ICF guidelines, ethics and standards as well as mentoring coaches with an emphasis on the ICF Core Competencies
  • Updating all documentation, handouts, student manuals and trainer materials to be in alignment with the upgraded Module V content and curriculum
  • Ensuring Erickson's performance evaluation process is being followed as expected by the ICF

Please join us in celebrating Jo-Ann's exceptional accomplishments and wishing her the best for her very exciting future here at Erickson Coaching International.  

You can see Jo-Ann's complete Erickson profile here.

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