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My Big 3 Coaching Commitments for 2016

written byJenn Danielsonon 05/12/2015

Coaching Commitments 2016

It’s that time of the year! The 2015 calendar is coming to an end and the shiny new 2016 agenda is on my desk. It’s waiting, with crisp pages and unmarked margins, for me to fill in my plans and goals for the brand New Year.  

This past year was a big one for me. I’ve completed The Art & Science of Coaching Modules I – IV and am, as I write, nearing completion of Module V. It’s been a year of personal learning, growth, and reflection. It’s been the proverbial journey: a trip to new knowledge, integration of new skills and neuropathways, and – yes, I will say it – a new way of being.  

So, now what? A new year and new coaching territory awaits just around the corner. Here are my Big Three Commitments to myself and to my clients in 2016:  

1. The Benchmarking Commitment

I am in the midst of my final steps of Module V. For me personally, 2016 will bring completion of the Erickson Certified Professional Coach designation and my pursuit of the International Coaching Federation’s Associate Certified Coach credential.

I came to coaching with a background heavy in standards and regulations, and now I appreciate that we, as coaches, can be held to a standardized framework of skill and ability. This, in turn, grows our desire to provide quality coaching services even further.  

2. The Never Stop Learning Commitment

Whether it takes the form of workshops, coursework, personal reflection or feedback, there is always something to learn about the many aspects involved in a coaching experience. I’m certain that learning never ends: from the science behind a coaching conversation, to the technology that allows coaches and clients to connect over any distance, to the nuances of providing value and meaning to others. In 2016 I want to use my time to define and prioritize my next learning steps. Some of it may be quick, on-the-fly technology wins, while others will be deeper dives to business development and coaching theory. These steps will all drive my further commitment to better coaching.  

3. The Connection Commitment

Through everything we do, there is connection. We connect to ourselves, to our clients and, our community. In 2016, I will check in with my business and refine what fits for me. I will check in with my clients and create and expand what works for them. I will connect deeper with the community that supports my clients and my coaching. Life, growth, and coaching don’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s time to connect into the networks to grow a holistic, balanced system.   So with all this commitment going on, what’s the next step? For me, I will be opening that shiny new agenda to add milestone dates in each quarter and to-do lists in the margins. Everyone builds their own plans and goals using the tools and skills that work best for them. it’s connecting all those plans and goals to your larger commitments and networks that create the whole-life growth we want.  

Here’s to your best 2016 coaching commitments!  


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