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Move Beyond Your Fear of Dreaming

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 14/11/2015

Life has a habit of wearing all of us down. In between work, school, family, and a million other commitments, it's easy to lose sight of our dreams and aspirations. Over time, we might losethe sight of our dreams altogether, and settle for far less than we deserve. However, it is entirely within our reach to achieve our dream life. Look carefully at the word "life". Isn't it full of energy, promise and possibility? When a newborn baby comes into this world, she has all the potential in the world. That's how you should treat your own life, starting right now - as a brand new canvas on which you can paint a brand new life!  

We each have one life to live, and we hope to realize as many of our dreams as possible within the span of that life. However, we can often become too scared to dream at all. Here is the best part though - dreaming is easy. Close your eyes, and it would probably be simple for you to imagine a better version of your life. The key then is mustering the courage to act on those dreams.  Sometimes we just need a tiny boost of confidence and motivation to get started. Follow along with this article, and you'll receive the encouragement you need to begin the journey to achieve your dream life.  

Caterpillars have two lives. They spend the first life crawling on the ground, never looking up at the sky above. But nature beckons, and they undergo a transformation into a butterfly, free to soar into a world of limitless possibilities. Unlike the caterpillar, we can't sprout wings and fly away. However, transforming our lives is more than just possible - it's inevitable! You take to heart the message that you deserve a better life for yourself.  Like the caterpillar, we can shed our old lives and be reborn, ensuring our time here on Earth is as wild and wonderful as we ever hoped it would be. Imagine the butterfly's beautiful multicolored wings as the dreams you have always wanted to achieve, and imagine yourself soaring into the sky borne on those wings of possibility.  

We constantly live in a dream, imagining ourselves as knights, princesses, superheroes, and free to do as we please. As we get older, however, "reality" starts to sink in, and we begin shedding the dreams which gave us so much happiness.  These dreams are never truly gone. Who we were as children - precocious, curious, happy, and compassionate - has stayed with us throughout the years. All that's waiting is for us to rediscover that spark, again.

Let go of everything that has weighed you down, even for a moment, and you'll discover those dreams ready to bubble to the surface once again. Use them as a guide to achieve your dream life. A whole world waits for you! Human beings were made to engage with the world, not shy away from it. We not only have an opportunity to embrace everything the world provides; we have an obligation to thrust ourselves into it. Think of all the experiences, sights and sounds that we can discover when we decide to be part of this world.

In our modern world, when technology and human ingenuity has opened the doors for us to experience everything we want, why limit ourselves to what someone has told us is our "lot in life"? The happiest people in this world are those who have seized the day. Be one of those people. You have so much to offer! Just as the world offers a bounty of wonderful and wild experiences for you to enjoy, so too do you have so many things to offer the world.  

Does your fear of failure keep you from attaining your goals? Watch Marilyn Atkinson discuss how to overcome this fear in this video.

Strip away all the negative things you may think about yourself, and you'll find a wonderful human being who's capable of changing the world for the better. By pursuing your dreams and infusing the world around you with positivity, you'll encourage others to do the same, creating a ripple effect of good vibes. Never let anyone tell you that you can't or shouldn't pursue your dreams. If you believe in your heart that it will improve your life and of those around you, don't let anything stand in your way.    

You can change lives for the better. So many people in this world are unsatisfied with their lives and afraid to dream. All it takes is a spark to ignite a fire that will change things. You should be that spark. Have courage. Being the first person in your family or workplace to take control of your destiny can be difficult, but you can take solace in the fact that your actions may inspire others to do the same.

When your friends, colleagues and loved ones witness the transformation that has taken place within you, they may also find the strength to turn their lives around. Let's face it, part of the reason it can be so difficult to achieve our dream life is because there is so much negativity around us. If more and more people adopt a positive, can-do attitude, achieving our dreams will become so much easier.  

What do you want to do with this wild and wonderful life? It's fine to admit that change can be scary. Maybe you're used to your current life and are afraid of the consequences of trying to overhaul it. But what will you ever gain if you don't try? You probably have so many moments during the day where you think: "If only I could improve this, or improve that." "If only..." Saying this a million times won't generate any results until you take the plunge and decide that you deserve better.  Taking that plunge, as we've seen, isn't very hard at all. By simply reorienting your frame of mind to passionately fight to achieve your dream life, you can truly have everything your heart desires.

Best of all, if you empower those around you with your positive spirit, you won't be alone when you reach your dreams.