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What Is: Motivational Coaching?

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 03/09/2014

Did you know that coaching clients often include individuals who are struggling to stay positive and achieve their goals? Manager and business teams also benefit from motivational coaching, especially in times of emergency and project specific difficulties.  

What Is Involved?

Individuals may come to a Motivational Coach to seek guidance for personal issues they might not feel comfortable discussing with friends and family. Your role is to help them identify the issue they face, deconstruct it, and to help find a solution that will transform their attitude.  

Managers often come under severe stress from enormous amounts of responsibility. When things are not going as smooth as hoped they can turn to a Motivational Coach to help curb their fears, apprehensions and self-demotion. Such times of strife include economic uncertainty resulting in cutbacks and layoffs of team members.

As a Motivational Coach, You Will Be Able To:

  • Help identify the client’s core issues.
  • Dig deep with clients to realize their true motivations.
  • Find ways to fully utilize their motivations.
  • Help clients construct new attitudes towards issues.
  • Help clients visualize what a life full of motivation will look like.

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