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Listening to the Gift of Frustration

written byJoel Davison 01/05/2012

We often become so overwhelmed with what others want, need, or think of us, that we lose our authentic self. If you are feeling frustrated, it’s most likely because the things you are doing and how you are being, are not in alignment with who you are at your most authentic, deepest, and best level.  

The frustration we feel is very real, but not in the way we might think it is. The frustration (believe it or not) is a gift, that arrives to inform us that we are not serving the best interest of our deeper self or those people around us.

Instead of listening to this hidden message of frustration (which is that a change is needed) we often try to outwork, outsmart, or get ahead of this frustration. Any relief felt by these remedies is, however, short-lived. As we continue to live outside of our authenticity, the frustration only returns, again and again, to remind us this is not what we want at our core.

When is the best time to address your frustration?  

The ideal time to effectively address frustration is at the very moment you are experiencing it. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who am I being (or not being) that is causing the arrival of this feeling?
  2. What is it I am I doing (or not doing) that has brought this gift of frustration to me?
  3. Honoring that this feeling of frustration is coming from within me and that it has arrived for a reason, what are all the things it may be trying to tell me?

Trust that the answers to these questions are attempting to emerge in the present moment. To tap into this moment is to let your truth talk. The reality is that when you are living a life aligned with your authentic and best self, your frustration (having fulfilled its role) leaves you. Joy and happiness move in because you begin to function in harmony, which then puts you in harmony with the rest of the world and people within it.  

I understand that in the past you may not have looked at frustration as a gift, but I invite you to do so the next time this gift arrives!