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Learn Coaching At Home This Holiday Season

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 02/12/2015

The holiday season is a great time to learn coaching at home, or revisit parts of The Art & Science of Coaching that you have studied before.  

If you are currently exploring coach training, or are simply too busy to attend our on-site or online classes, Coaching Essentials is a powerful alternative at great value. It brings you 11 hours of coach training, delivered by Master Trainer Marilyn Atkinson, and over 20 hours of coaching demonstrations.  

Coaching Essentials is the only home learning coach training product that is created from the ICF accredited course - The Art & Science of Coaching, and features Marilyn Atkinson in her element, training classes from The Art & Science of Coaching Summer Intensive program. Another key value contained in the Coaching Essentials is the training videos that are accompanied by coaching demonstrations allowing you to learn coaching skills and see how to apply them immediately.        

For a full list of features and specifications, please visit our Coaching Essentials page!  

Below are a couple of videos to give you a sneak peek of Dr. Marilyn Atkinson's style of coach training. Enjoy!