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Introducing Global Sorority

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 27/02/2012

100 Young Women Sharing their Stories about Life, Leadership, and their Future in the World.

What do you get when you put together two creative Erickson coaches with a passion for improving the lives of young women in the world? A project that will not only impact the lives of 100 young women around the globe but also impact the lives of many in their communities.  

We know that coaching can provide a space to dramatically improve the lives of adults. We know the powerful shifts that can happen when we assist adults in igniting their spirit and core values but what about youth?  

Passion Foundation has been assisting young women using coaching techniques to find their value in the world since 2008. Hundreds of young women in the world have been impacted by coaching through our work. The transformations are moving and inspiring.

Since Tia Kelly and I met in the Module II weekend we knew our core values aligned and became great friends. We often spoke about the possibilities of working together through the Passion Foundation ever since. It’s been a couple years and we are so inspired to share with you what we are doing.  

Let us introduce to you Global Sorority

Imagine the power that 100 young women could have by sharing their stories and thoughts about life, leadership, and their future in the world. Imagine what the impact of their personal experiences and dreams shared on film could have on others? It is with that in mind, that we are creating the mini-documentary Global Sorority.  

Our goal is to share the stories of 100 girls and young women around the world in a series completed over two years.  

We are setting out on a mission to hear the trials and tribulations, wishes and dreams, and innovative ideas of young women and how they believe they can impact their communities based on their value and roles in the world. The questions will be the same but the answers will vary based on experiences, cultures, and environments.  

The series will be used as an educational component to create dialogue within communities to see how we can support these young women to enhance our future. Through entering this series in film festivals, gender-based programs, and public speaking events such as Projecting Change Film Festival we believe that this series can have a significant impact on the connections that young women around the world can make with each other.  

The first journey takes place at the end of March 2012. Three countries. Three communities. Three weeks. Ibanda, Uganda. Turin, Italy. Tipperary, Ireland. Underdeveloped. Metropolitan. Countryside.  

We have just launched a Kickstarter page and are asking the Erickson community for support. We have 18 days to make this happen.  

Could you spare the cost of a coffee today?

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