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I am not ready...

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 25/04/2012

Have you ever heard yourself say "I am not ready"? I am not ready to integrate my coaching skills into my career, I am not ready to “go public” with being a coach, I am not ready to ask for a raise, I am not ready to charge for my services, I am not ready for a career change, etc? I often hear this phrase when I am mentoring coaches to take the next step in building their businesses.

When we are on the path to realizing a dream, we never fully feel ‘ready’.
If you felt ready, then it would be time to do the next thing that would require growth and then you would be back to not feeling ready.  

If you are truly playing big, acting on your dreams - give yourself the gift of embracing that not feeling ready is part of the journey and act anyways!

  If you have a dream, a well thought out action plan and a support system in place then you are ready as you will ever be. Consider this voice "I am not ready" is really saying "I am afraid". Now we have something real we can deal with and move through.  

Here are some common fears that are masked by “I am not ready”:

  • Fear of what will people think
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of it not being perfect (perfectionism over profitability)
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of change

The first step is to admit your fear, give it words, book a coaching session and get support to act despite your fear. Decide today not to let the phrase “I am not ready” be the culprit to not realizing your dreams. You are ready – take that next step now.  

Action creates inspiration. Inspiration creates momentum. Momentum creates results.

Your catalyst in transforming your bottom line,