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How To Conquer The Voice of Doubt

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 29/01/2015

Have you ever had to stare down the voice of doubt regarding your decision to be a coach?  

Nearly everyone who chooses the entrepreneurial path comes face to face with their inner gremlins at one point or another. Unfortunately, many promising entrepreneurs give up when they hear these voices of doubt. But not Ioana Rus!   Ioana was on the brink of giving up on her dream to be a self-employed coach… and then she made one decision that changed everything!  When she told me what she did – and the impact it made! – I couldn't wait to share her inspiring story with you.  

One day, after delivering an “unsuccessful” complimentary session and having her services declined, Ioana hung up the phone and found herself in a very tough place internally.  

“What should I do now? Should I cry? Maybe I should stop… maybe becoming a coach is not the thing for me. Maybe I was wrong in thinking I am capable of doing this.”  

Can you relate? Have you had these thoughts? It can be all too easy to fall for them – so if you find yourself stumbling and your confidence crumbling, take some inspiration from Ioana and confront your inner gremlins.  

Suddenly, I realized that I was just having a negative emotion and an automatic response to that emotion. My automatic thought was that I am not good enough. Then, I had the inspiration to say: “Stop! Stop this negative reaction. What can I do instead?”  

Ioana figured out how to turn one of her hardest days into one of her best. To find out what she did, take a few minutes to watch this inspiring interview: