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5 Steps To Grow Your Coaching Business Through Public Speaking

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 22/05/2013

Public speaking is a great way to ramp up your profile as a life coach, business coach or executive coach. If properly planned, you could be talking to a collection of potential coaching clients, delivering valuable advice while raising awareness of your coaching business.  

If you feel like the rush of public speaking is for you, try to develop and refine a powerful speech that speaks directly to the main challenges of your niche, and that illustrates the difference coaching can make. However, be tactful; do not simply launch into how amazing you are. Remember, you have to sell them the idea of coaching first. If they start to believe in coaching because of what you told them, they are much more likely to choose you as their coach. All great speeches tell us something we do not already know; giving them a small piece of practical advice will help associate the result of utilizing that advice (hopefully positive progress) with you.  

Once you’ve practiced your speech and feel comfortable delivering it, it’s time to get your marketing gears turning.  

1. Make a list of all the organizations you would like to speak to. 

Ideally, their membership is your target niche (but if not; that’s okay, at least in the early years of your coaching business). Ask yourself, where do my ideal coaching clients hang out? Where are they gathering to learn and exchange ideas? How can I get in front of them?  

2. Create a one-page promotional sheet that profiles you as a speaker.

  • In the first paragraph, grab their attention and entice them to want to hear more.
  • Follow with a summary of your presentation’s features and benefits.
  • Finally, include a headshot and, a bio that explains why you’re credible to speak to them.

3. Reach out, get out, and circulate. 

Go visit the groups and associations you want to connect with. Network and build your community. Meet the person who makes decisions on hiring speakers, not so you can get hired on the spot, but to plant a seed. Collect a business card and follow up with an email, your promotional sheet and a phone call.  

4. When you hit a home run, get a testimonial from the person who hired you. 

This serves as powerful leverage when it comes to booking your next speaking opportunity. Do not be shy when asking for a testimonial!  

5. Design a system to collect contact info from interested members of your audience. 

You might leave a basket for business cards by the door, or pass out postcards to fill out and return for a complimentary session. Get creative! There are many ways to capture opportunities from a speaking engagement.  

Looking for some useful hints and tips on delivering a speech? Check out this blog post by Mr. Self Development on The Change Blog.  

Still want more? We've got you covered:

Have you spoken in public before? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Your Business Building Mentor,
Teresia LaRocque

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