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How To Get Paid Coaching Clients: The Complimentary Session

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 24/02/2014

As an entrepreneur looking to get paid coaching clients, you will spend a lot of time talking about your coaching services and doing a variety of marketing activities. To leverage your efforts, it is a must to have a proven process in place so that when you attract an interested prospect, it becomes a natural next step to ask for the financial commitment.  

Many coaches offer a complimentary session – this can be of great value. BUT the complimentary session must be delivered in a way that grows your business.  

Meet Pascale Breton, a participant of the Erickson Business Center program. In this interview, Pascale shares the power of embracing a “complimentary” session to grow her business. Listen closely as Pascale outlines the strategies and processes that she enjoys using to get a paid coaching client out of her complimentary session.  

“The complimentary session is not a selling process. (I am a salesperson, so I know what that is and how it looks when you sell a product or service to someone.) You’re not selling anything. You’re just making it evident to the customer that he or she needs you. Once they see how they can really benefit from working with you, then they can decide: do I want to invest in this? Is this the next step I want to take? It’s very clear to me now that the complimentary session really is the very first step, and I will never skip it again.” ~ Pascale Breton,  

Erickson Business Center challenge: Are you attracting a lot of interested prospects? Be sure to have a step by step process that naturally allows the potential client to make the decision, if hiring you as their coach is their next best step.