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Cultivating Action and Accountability With ICF Core Competencies

written byRachel Hochmanon 28/07/2016

“Motivating people does not work. . . What does work? The essence of the answer lies at the heart of the science of motivation and the revelation of three psychological needs— autonomy, relatedness, and competence.”  — Susan Fowler

As Erickson trained, Solution-Focused coaches, we use the method of inquiry to encourage our clients to design their own actions, plans and accountability in collaboration with us as their trusted partner. This type of collaboration satisfies Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence (ARC) - the three tenants of what works for people who are looking for motivated engagement in their work and life.  

Autonomy = We know our clients have all the resources necessary.

Relatedness = We expertly establish coaching presence and rapport.

Competence = We are centered in the OK-ness Principle, and are certain our clients are making the best choice.   

Designing Actions with ARC in mind

Through individualized inquiry, we elicit creative, client-designed action steps. These are the clients' link to all the aspects of their life: environment, behaviours, skills, values, identity and vision. As our clients recognize all of these linkages they attain a sustainable momentum towards their goals.  

Planning and Goal Setting with ARC in mind

Through individualized inquiry, we elicit from our clients their clear expectations for achievable goals and timelines. These goals and timelines are linked through the logical levels to the environment, behaviours, capabilities, values, identity and vision of each client. These linkages allow our clients the opportunity to broaden their vision from central focus to the peripheral boundaries of their knowing and solidify their perseverance.  

Managing Accountability with ARC in mind

Through individualized inquiry, we elicit leadership, engagement, and greatness from our clients. They become their own authority determining the who, how and when seeking accountability. They assume responsibility for creating the support structures they need to meet their goals. When these choices for managing their accountability are their own, they act with virtuosity and endurance towards their own greatness. Their motto becomes: “Don’t worry, I got this”.   Ericksonian Coaching . . . Definitely lives up to its core program's name - The Art and Science of Coaching.