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First Impressions of the Online Academy for Coach Training [Part 1]

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 07/07/2015

Erickson is a pioneer in creating one of the highest-quality professional coaching training programs in the world. But our world is a lot smaller now – more connected than it’s ever been.

With the launch of our Online Academy in 2015, we aimed to use technology, great design and proven training processes to make our coaching training program even more accessible to students all over the globe. At the same time, we aimed to make the program more engaging and ultimately more effective than ever.  

How are we doing? Is the program working? Those were the questions we wanted to answer – needed to answer, so we could continue to offer the highest standard of coach training out there.  

Some early positive feedback is already in – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Kicking off our series of student profiles, here’s our Q&A with Medha Bell-Joshi, a meditation practitioner based out of India who is learning to incorporate coaching into what she offers to her clients.  

What drew you to the coaching program in the first place?

On a practical level, I wanted to expand my language and communication skills that I could use in personal and professional areas of life. I chose Erickson’s Online Academy in particular because the tools, language and techniques resonate with my value system. Their values are in line with my commitment to live consciously, conscientiously and with kindness.  

How is the Online Academy different from other educational programs you've participated in?

I absolutely love the new forum of learning. It’s not just 3.5 hours of online training twice a week. The personal journey of being together with my classmates begins with the portal we all can access. That’s where we build an important relationship with the students and facilitator and share our knowledge.   Also, the pre-study time we need to give before the class begins gets my creative learning juices flowing! It makes me enthusiastic and interested in what I am learning. This style of learning does work for me because the consistency between classes all happens in a portal that is specifically designed to create an intimate study environment for students and the facilitator.  

How does the Online Academy make it easier to learn?

Once you are clear on all the different aspects on this learning portal, it’s so easy to stay connected to the program, students, and study materials  

What is engagement like in the program?

Our facilitators are so kind, supportive, and unique in their individual presence while maintaining the integrity of their tools and techniques. Students become like your supporters and well-wishers. They are mirrors who reflect your qualities honestly. This peer interaction helps you become an effective, authentic coach through after-class sessions and in-class breakout sessions.  

How do you plan to use what you've learned in your own practice?

Since the first day of the first module of the Online Academy, I have become more aware of when to use these tools and techniques, especially in my personal life. I’m also practicing the tools and techniques in my professional life as a mentor.  

What I love about coaching is that we’re creating space for our clients to come forth and discover their own wisdom. We’re helping them develop real solutions that stem from within!

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