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Erickson Alumni Success Story - Stefanie Gorendar

written byStefanie Gorendaron 08/04/2015

Stefanie Gorendar, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, shares her experience from Erickson's The Art & Science of Coaching on-site coach training.

The on-site fast-track program that Erickson held in Toronto was one of the main reasons why I decided to proceed with my professional coach training through Erickson Coaching International. The intensity of the training allowed me to put all my focus on acquiring the necessary skills that I needed to apply to my clients without interruption. The frequency of the courses also allowed me to practice the skills learned between each module without a loss of focus.  

One of the greatest advantages of partaking in the on-site fast-track program was having the opportunity to work face-to-face with some of the greatest professional life coach instructors. As a psychotherapist, I believe that there is a lot of value in having face-to-face contact with individuals that you work with, including creating a sense of community. The group environment became a community of like-minded individuals which not only created life-long friendships and communities but the opportunity to learn from others and grow with others.
When I enrolled with Erickson Coaching, I was looking to gain additional knowledge to apply to my private counselling practice. Since the completion of the program, I have expanded my knowledge to my private practice, which has allowed my clients to build on their strengths and expand my own practice to include a whole new dimension of services offered. Furthermore, Erickson has provided me with the tools and skills to develop a niche in self-enhancement and performance. I am excited to announce that I recently opened a second practice, which includes a Self-Enhancement Coaching Program and Executive Enhancement Coaching Program.
I highly recommend Erickson Coaching for developing the necessary skills to run a strong coaching practice with regard for the highest standards of coaching.

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