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Erickson Graduate Success Story - Kamara Toffolo

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 27/03/2015

With The Art & Science of Coaching in Toronto starting April 30, Kamara Toffolo, Toronto Career & Leadership Coach, shares her experience from this in-person coach training.

The in-person delivery of the program in Toronto is one of the reasons I chose Erickson for my coach training, not to mention the spectacular faculty and excellent support from the administration and admission advisors.  The delivery of the in-person classes offer massive value and the wonderful opportunity to gain real-world experience and practice in a safe and supportive setting, and receive instant feedback.  After completing Module I in-person, I felt so well-equipped with tools and skills that I was immediately able to launch my coaching practice.  Originally when I enrolled in the program, my intention was to become Life Coach.  I have since chosen a niche in the Career and Leadership coaching space.  The tools and knowledge I gained at Erickson are applicable across all coaching specialties.  I'm grateful to have been able to build such a solid coaching and business foundation with the skills that I acquired through my Erickson coach training.  

Not only did my Erickson training prepare me so well for launching and building my coaching practice, but I have also built a strong network of other Erickson-trained coaching colleagues as well a few that are now life-long friends.  I'm always asked by prospective coaches where I trained and it is my pleasure to always recommend and sing the praises of Erickson Coaching and my coach training experience.  

Kamara Toffolo, Career & Leadership Coach  

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