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The One Thing You Can Do Now To Increase Your Productivity!

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 15/08/2012

In this latest mentor session, Susan ( identifies the one thing that will make the biggest difference in leveraging her time and maximizing the various business opportunities she is attracting.  

Teresia LaRocque, MCC, business building mentor shows how taking 15 minutes to laser focus can make a big difference in your business success. This mini session will help you learn how embracing the habits of blocking and planning your time will increase your focus, productivity, and efficiency as an entrepreneur.

If we had a hidden camera to spy on the lives of 10 entrepreneurs it is a good chance most of them would exhaust us just by watching their day. The thing is, most entrepreneurs get stuck in a mode of reacting to things- catching and dealing with whatever comes up. The phone rings, they answer it. An email comes in, they respond immediately. A co-worker has a problem, they're on it.  

While this may seem to be a good idea in the moment, at the end of the day they feel scattered and unproductive. Can you relate?  

And when this continues over time, profits, motivation, and quality of life suffer a great deal.When people don't see results, we tend to lose interest. Loss of enthusiasm eventually leads to total burnout, both personally and professionally.  

The only way out of this situation is to make the decision to be deliberate with your time and attention. No more reacting to whatever comes your way! It's time to set up your day in a way that ensures that the most important things get done - always. And the best way to get yourself into this mode is to do some planning.  

Michael Gerber, the renowned author of The E-Myth, talks about working ON the business, not just IN it... and that's exactly what we're telling you to do. Not once, not periodically - habitually. This is a mission-critical skill for ongoing business success.  

Here are some business success habits to make a part of your life:
1. Annually:
Take a day or two to celebrate the past year's successes, review the lessons, and define your big-picture goals for the coming year. Consider adopting a theme for the coming year, as well as a profit goal. You may want to include your mentors, colleagues or mastermind group in this process - they undoubtedly have some valuable insights, observations and i, eas to offer.

Decide and clarify the underlining theme for your business each year. For example:
  • New clients
  • Increased exposure
  • New projects
  • Balance in your life
2. Quarterly planning:

Break down your big-picture goals into 4 achievable parts and establish quarterly goals that will support your annual goals. Each quarter, revisit your goals and assess your progress, then set or adjust your goals for the coming quarter.

3. Monthly: Identify monthly priority projects.

  • Block time in your calendar to work on these activities.
  • Use your debrief tool at the end of each month to measure your progress, and then identify the top 3 to 5 priorities for the next month.
  • Loosely plan out how you expect the weeks to unfold, based upon your monthly priorities.
  • Block into your schedule the most important activities first, both personally and professionally.
4. Weekly Planning
  • Debrief your past week to measure your progress, and then identify your top 3 to 5 priorities for the following week.
  • Make adjustments to your previous plans as needed, to allow for the changes or new opportunities that will inevitably occur each week.
5. Daily Planning
  • Develop the habit of taking 10 minutes at the end of each day to summarize (and track) your progress that day, and to plan your activities for the next day. This includes meetings, calls and other To Do's.
  • Consult your calendar for your scheduled appointments.
  • Prioritize your To Do's using A's (must do today) and B's (everything else).
  • Make sure that everything you plan to accomplish in a day is listed in one place.
  • Highlight or check off your activities throughout the day as you do them. This will make it easier to measure your results at the end of each day for the activities you are tracking.

Erickson Business Center Challenge: Block out time NOW to 'work" on your business? What planning habits will you commit to?  

What are your planning habits? How do they make a difference for you? Please share with us on Facebook.