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Leverage the Power of Effective Goal Setting

written byRachel Hochmanon 26/10/2016

Ask yourself: Are you hesitating to map out your future?

If you just let your future unfold, would you consider the possibility that you’ve mapped it out anyway?

If you choose to map your future with the help of a coach, you engage a co-traveler for your journey. When you practice powerful goal setting with a coach, you amplify your ability for efficiently reach your desired goals, and create successful outcomes.

Are you ready to create a map of your future? If yes, what is your destination?

Even if you aren’t certain of your destination, you already know the territory intimately. That territory is your inner knowing. You discover and reveal your latent goals by responding to the questions your coach designs specifically for your needs. As you answer the questions, you turn your concern, project, or situation upside-down to expose its end point. By doing this, you clarify your most important goals and create your ideal destination.

Now that you’re clear where you want to go, you might want to consider: Why do you want to get there?

Knowing your purpose in a clear, meaningful way, reinforces your commitment, regardless of the challenges along the way. As you journey with your coach, you discover the intention behind your undertaking, and cultivate your inner compass.

What will it be like when you get there?

As you discuss your goals and your sense of purpose, you recognize how your destination will affect all aspects of your life. What will develop as you create what you want? What will you have when you get there? How will your work and life be different, in the ways you want it to be? Creating clear expectations of what your experience will be like while you are achieving your goals, and once you get there, anchors your endurance.

How will you get there?

The journey to your destination may be a smooth and even road, or it might require cutting a new path, blistering work, and creating strategies for reassessing and navigating obstacles. Now that you have sense of purpose for taking on your journey, you have staying power regardless of the challenge. As you answer your coach’s questions, you create your tool-kit for achieving your goals. While creatively planning your future in a non-judgmental environment, you chart the most efficient and effective path for your journey. When you round corners that require a difficult approach or are out of sight-lines, you have the grit and tool-kit to reassess and revise your plan using your own creative approach.

How might your coach support your journey towards your goals?

As a collaborator on the journey, your coach observes you as you navigate obstacles, challenges you to return to your journey if you get distracted or discouraged, and provides specialized assistance if you need to reset your compass. You lead the way, setting the pace. Your coach trusts that your intuition, abilities, and creativity will reveal your own solutions. If you get mired in a muddy path, your coach will reflect your criteria and thinking process, and/or provide some fuel to jump-start your creativity about next steps. If appropriate, your coach might ask you whether it is time to send up flares for additional resources (in the form of information gathering from other sources) and/or offer general options you could modify to create your own best solutions.

Your coach supports you to find joy in the beauty of the journey itself, not just the destination. Missteps are opportunities for humor and reconsideration of next-steps. This allows for deep attunement, development, and creation of the path to your desired destination.

When you reach your destination, you know that the journey, success, and end-product are your own and that your coach was there only as a partnering guide.

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