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Did You Know There Is A Science To Happiness? [INFOGRAPHIC]

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 24/01/2015

No, we aren't kidding either! There’s a multitude of posts out there telling you how to be happiest, with suggestions ranging from exercising more to making the effort to smile and do great things for other people.  

While there is absolutely no doubt that those things certainly contribute to a happy mindset, it appears there is actual science behind the way we feel and the external factors that contribute to it.  

The Science of Happiness:  

  • Just 20 minutes a day outside in good weather boosts a positive mood, broadens thinking and improves working memory
  • Happiness is maximized at 13.9 degrees Centigrade or 57 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Healthy people are 20% happier than the average person
  • Close friends and family are the most important source of a kid’s happiness
  • The two biggest factors that contribute to happiness around the world are a sense of community and frequent community celebrations has put together these facts and more in The Science of Happiness infographic, sourced from a number of institutes including The University of Illinois.  

Which facts do you find the most interesting? Which were you surprised to read? Infographic courtesy of

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