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Creating your Credo: The Window to the Soul of Your Business

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 29/05/2012

All of your business marketing efforts – whether person to person, in print or online – are oriented around one essential message: a strong, crystal-clear statement that describes:  

  1. Who you are,
  2. Who you help,
  3. What you do, and
  4. What people get out of working with you.

I call this your credo. When you communicate this message with clarity and conviction, you instantly become irresistibly attractive to the very people you were meant to work with – your ideal clients. They instantly resonate with you and think, “YES! This is exactly what I’ve been needing!” Every opportunity to tell the world what you have to offer – via social media, networking, personal introductions, your website, you name it! – becomes a business-building possibility when you have a strong credo working for you. It’s the core component that makes everything else effective.  

The word “credo” is Latin for belief, and I think that’s so appropriate – for two reasons:

  1.  You’re telling the world what you believe you’re here to do; and
  2.  You’re helping others believe in you and your abilities.

In my experience, both personally and in coaching others, credos tend to evolve over time. It can take a while to land on the perfect wording, so be willing to adjust it as you go. Practice it on your own and notice any part that doesn’t feel quite right. Then deliver it to your inner circle and ask for constructive feedback. When you feel ready to take it out into the world, watch people to see how they receive it. When you see their eyes light up, or it inspires people to say “tell me more!” you know you’re on the right track.  

Telling people who you are and what you do, in a confident and compelling way, is central to owning your role as a respectable professional.  

Invest in this process, because I promise you, it will pay incredible dividends for many years to come.