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What is Couples Coaching?

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 18/06/2014

Some people say that the best thing in life is sharing your journey with someone you love. 

Couples Coaching is all about helping couples create a dynamic, respectful, and romantic “conscious relationship” that compliments their journey together. 

Typical Clients

Couples Coaching clients can take the form of individuals or a couple. They are likely to be having some kind of difficulty with their relationship and are looking for guidance on improving communication and enhancing their intimate relationship.

What Is Involved

You will impart techniques on how to better communicate, resolve conflicts, listen to the other’s needs, and how to increase their intimate bond.  

As a Couples Coach, you will be tasked with helping them identify a better path for their relationship. This could include ascertaining:

  • What are the current difficulties?
  • What common values do they hold?
  • What can they learn from each partner’s values and needs?
  • How do they communicate with each other?
  • Are their styles compatible?
  • How can they improve their communication skills?
  • What is their ultimate goal in couples coaching?
  • Identifying spaces for mutual growth.
  • Aligning personal values and needs with their partner.
  • What things can they do to show caring, respect, and love to their partner?

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