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Coaching Technology Innovations

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 04/02/2015

Adeptio, a provider of Collaborative Coaching Technology endorsed by the ICF, recently put together a great report that outlines the innovations in Coaching Technology that are set to revolutionize the industry for Business and Professional Coaches everywhere. See the full report here.

Coaching is hugely reliant on in-person engagement (whether that’s physically so or over the phone) and, as a result, coaches often find themselves struggling to stay on track. They then begin to explore additional ways of communicating with their clients outside of traditional methods to make the most of their time.

By using collaborative coaching tools, coaches can explore the following opportunities:

Create compelling virtual relationships

This allows coaches to nurture value and meaning in their relationships while maintaining the “human” element that is so important to coaching

Increase frequency of touch points

The wider variety of media enables better engagement and allows coaches to leverage their time for increased and improved client feedback between sessions.

Host virtual group coaching sessions

These are now more possible than ever. Leveraging time management allows for many clients to be serviced at the same time in a positive, effective manner using technology that allows for interactive, group sessions.

Geography holds no boundaries

Virtual environments allow coaches to reach clients across the globe and maintain contact in an ongoing manner than sustains and grows valuable relationships. The only element to counter is different time zones!

In 2013, revenue for the business coaching industry in the United States reached over $2billion, employed almost 79,000 people and saw annual growth of 18%. As you can see, the industry is set to do great things in the latter part of this decade and coaches will increasingly rely on new technology innovations to facilitate client meetings and relationships for greater value and bigger impact.

What coaching technologies do you use to make your day more efficient and effective for you and your clients?

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