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Coaching Productivity Hacks

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 28/01/2015

As entrepreneurs, coaches are focused on their business 24/7. Not only must they take the time to grow and create a sustainable business, but they must be available and attentive to their clients during scheduled sessions. Sometimes it can be hard to keep focused, and knowing how you can prioritize to manage your time best is key to getting the most important things taken care of.

Pinpoint the Cause of Your Distraction

By taking the time to figure out what exactly is keeping you unfocused, you can ensure that you aren’t losing precious time being distracted by other things that aren’t relative to the business. See if there are internal factors that might be keeping your productivity at bay and then review your external environment – sometimes physical clutter can distract your mind. Try tidying your space or changing locations temporarily to revive your focus.

Be a Planner

Define your efforts in terms of specific objectives and then lay out a plan to achieve each of them – be sure to separate the larger tasks from the smaller ones so that you can dedicate the right amount of attention to each one. This acts like a map to keep you on course and helps to steer you in the right direction if you veer off track.

Take a Break

Whether it’s a 15 minute coffee break away from your desk or turning off your email for an hour, find a moment to break away from things so that you can refocus your attention. If you have something specific that needs doing, turning off external distractions such as email and phones can help you buckle down. If you’re going around in circles with a specific task, stepping away can give your brain a break – coming back to the table with fresh eyes often helps you get things finished.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist OR a Procrastinator

Check out this great article from Forbes, “What’s Keeping You Out of the Productivity Zone?”: it highlights how being at either end of the spectrum can completely ruin your productivity. Whether you avoid getting things done or fixate your time entirely on getting that one thing perfect, realize that somewhere in the middle is far more effective. Perhaps unsurprisingly, entrepreneurs fall into the latter category, always thinking that they could do better or have done something differently. Sometimes realizing that you have done all you can do is good enough.

What productivity hacks do you find help you during your busy weeks?